Comic Review: Love Monster #1

Love Monster 1Publisher: 215 Ink
Writer: Christopher Howard Wolf
Illustrator: David Cabrera

What would you do if the girl you loved only had eyes for monsters? Pearl is one such girl, smitten with masked psychopaths and horrible beasts. Little does she suspect that Bob, her awkward and timid best friend, has a crush on her. With Bob in tow, Pearl searches out her latest would-be boy-toy, the recently reanimated vengeance zombie, “Bag Head”! Can Bob keep Pearl alive through the courtship? Can Bob even keep BOB alive?

This is not supposed to be a comic that I enjoyed. It is a silly tale of the “nice guy” not getting the girl and remaining “friends” with her. I have been there myself in what seems like a former life. It sucks.

The tale that writer Christopher Howard Wolf weaves can be silly at times, but is intriguing all of the time. You feel for Bob and his predicament. You feel for Pearl because of the akward situations that she puts herself in. You are treated to a fun tale and given a twist at the end to wrap the opening issue up in a nice little bow.

And before you start to think that the comic is a rant against women, read on to see some silly situations that inform you that the comic is truly not based in any real world situation. It is all done for enterainment purposed only.