Blu Ray Review-The Grifters


1. The Transfer. I will be honest, I seen the Grifters only one time and that was at the movie theater in its original run on a date, and I never went back to watch it on vhs, beta or dvd. So to compare this to them is sort of unfair, but I will say the blu ray transfer is pretty clear and the sound quality is above average.

8.5 out of 10

2. The Film. This is the film that launched teen geek John Cusack into a leading man, and put Annette Bening on the map. This film revolves around the theory that con men are more appealing than your ordinary everyday thieves and bad guys. They are not the people who try to bully you or cause you danger, but they are the people who try to outsmart you. In The Grifters the con people are charming and likeable, that you would fall for their confidence game if it was played on you. This film makes crime look so beautiful and friendly because you are on both sides of the coin, where you hate what they are doing but like the characters. The Grifters is almost like watching mental human chess games, where both opponents are trying to outsmart the other and scream checkmate. This film resembles a lot of David Mamet’s work like House of Games. In this film the three characters are not out to try and seduce others, because they are working each other. The triangle in this film is Roy who is in his 20s and does small jobs, then there is Myra who is beautiful but so deadly, and there is more to her then we see and finally there is Roy’s mom Lily who is more like an authority figure to the group.

The thing about this film is that it is so well acted and so likable that I do not know why it took me 22 years to come back and re-watch it, maybe it was the girl I dated that made me want to not go back but this film really is such a fun film that you would not have a blast with it. You get a little nude scene with a young Annette Bening that I am not sure if we would get today. This is when the two stars Cusack and Bening had so much to prove and they did in this film. If there is any kind of negative to this it is that this is not some huge box deal with a bonus disc or maybe a retrospective.

8 out of 10