Blu Ray Review-Hellraiser:Deader


I am going to break this review down.

1. Blu Ray Picture and Quality.

I feel Echo Bridge has been listening to the fans more and more; this one is a very great transfer. I can sit here and nitpick and say why didn’t it have this or that, but for the price what do you expect? It would be like going to a fast food place and ordering a dollar hamburger and expecting a steak. For the price you cannot beat what they are offering, plus if you are a Hellraiser fan, you know you are going to buy it no matter what I tell you.

8 out of 10

2. The Film itself.

I am a major Hellraiser fan, and loved the series all the way till the 5th one, that is when I sort of started to get sick of the series. With Echo Bridge now, I get to see what I been missing out on. So, Hellraiser now has to have that word that follows to make it feel important instead of putting up a number, like they are ashamed the series has been stretched this far. I wonder how Clive Barker feels about Deader, or Hellworld, or whatever the fuck the others are called. To me Bota who directed a few of these is just a money whore and does not care about the history or what these films mean to us. He is just out to fuck them up for his personal financial gain. This one stars Kari Wuhrer who many of us may remember from Remote Control, that MTV show that seemed to have such a cult status for who appeared in it. This has a budget of roughly 4 million dollars, so they seem to have the star power and a budget, what can go wrong eh?

I will say right now, I want to talk to Bochman who is the accountant for the studio and know what happened to the four million dollars, some people had to get some inflated paychecks or vacations, because the budget was not spent on the film. So a journalist uncovers this underground group who seem to be able to bring back the dead, and soon becomes drawn into this world. When did Pinhead Bradley start making cameos, but being prominently featured on the cover art? How can anyone call this film a Hellraiser film? Wasn’t it around this time that Bota said he was sick of using the name of Hellrasiser and wanted to make the films not part of the franchise anymore. My guess is that someone looked at this piece of shit and laughed right in his face and he said, wait where is Bradley we will stick him in and call it Hellraiser and the guys said, “ we can green light the film then”,

I want any die hard Hellraiser fan to come and defend this film, there is no defense it is painful to watch and more painful to admit to being part of our beloved film franchise that has been so raped and destroyed that at this point, what is really left? Looking back now, these films did more harm than good, they destroyed the legacy of a horror classic.

3 out of 10