Blu Ray Review-Fortress


1. The Transfer. Now I have the vhs and dvd to this film and I will say right now, this is a pretty damn good transfer that showed a little more love then we have seen from Echo in the past. This is the first official blu ray version and it shows. Though again do not go seeking Criterion or Paramount on this, but for the price tag that this goes for it is well worth it.

8.5 out of 10

2. The Film. This is a geek wet dream, you have Stuart Gordon directing and Christopher Lambert starring, how in the hell can this be anything short of fun. Welcome to the future, and the world of the future is overpopulated and has led to laws that women can only be pregnant once in this lifetime. The opening moments of this film shows what happens when you are caught breaking the rules. Well as you know Christopher Lambert is going to be the rebel bad ass and along with his wife Karen, who is pregnant with her second kid, they are fleeing the country but they get caught. They are sent to what they call the Fortress, an underground prison in the middle of the desert that is over 30 stories. The Fortress itself is only something that can be constructed in the sick mind of Gordon; it is just high-tech insanity and brutality. It is a privately owned facility owned by a company called Men-Tel, it has a surveillance system that you are watched 24/7 as well as having your dreams hacked into and being entered. The facility is run by a computer named Zed-10 and Poe who is both a voyeur and a sadistic.

Like most futuristic movies, Fortress at times is better at talking about the premise then actually executing it. I liked the film, I mean it is just your basic prison escape film even though the beginning would lead you to believe that this film would be more than that.
This film is not the best on the acting, and even I will admit some of the dialogue and Lambert trying to oversell his character is pretty tiresome after a while. The film does have a horror element to it, some of the scenes that involve torture and bloody violence, at times seem out of place but they were still welcome. This film has an energy throughout that keeps the pace of the film moving and this film while it loses its identity many times, does not feel dated some 20 plus years later. This film has a dark humor in shades that really works, and I am glad that this is finally on blu ray for the first time. All in all, this is cheese and if you know what you are expecting, you will enjoy it more than someone who is expecting Lockout. (God did Lockout suck big time, eh) All in all, Christopher Lambert and these 90’s direct to dvd fare, there is nothing wrong with the fun cheese they offer. Next up, maybe we will get some Fortress 2 on blu ray that is another lost classic sort of.

7.5 out of 10