Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WCW-as told by J.J. Dillon


Kayfabe Commentaries give us their latest in their Timeline series, with The History of WCW in 1988 with then at the time manager of the 4 Horsemen J.J. Dillon. For those not familiar with what Timeline is about, let me help you out a little. Host Sean Oliver gives us a series of events from January to December of a certain year and asks the guests to give us their recollection or side of the story. This is a series I refer to as a love letter to old school wrestling fans because it really covers so much and gives you such a wide variety of topics that if you were a fan of WCW in the late 80’s, this is definitely something you may think about buying or at least renting on their on demand site. Dillon to his credit does not shy away from any topic and really gives us a fair assessment of what was going on. Dillon comes across on this as classy; he does not take cheap shots or expose anyone’s laundry or business but gives you honest insight into what was going on that year.

The timeline of events on this interview give you Dillon’s views on The Road Warrior turn, and why they never had the tag titles before then. This interview also discusses Tully and Arn and their jump to the WWF. Dillon also discusses the many incarnations of the 4 Horsemen and what one was his favorite. Also, Dillon goes into depth about Barry Windham and his career. They talk about gimmicks like The Midnight Rider, and also storylines that came and went on the same show. Dillon and Oliver also talked about the Lex match he had with Flair that was stopped for bleeding. Dillon shares an interesting story on Lex that I am not sure if anyone has heard before. As well as talking about Sting, Dillon really paints a picture of Sting that I think fans may view Sting different after hearing.

All in all, if you are a fan of the old school days of 80’s wrestling this is a must. They cover the year and really give it a fun and at times very serious thorough discussion that may enlighten some old school people on events and what caused them and what happened after. My only gripe is that at almost 2 hours long this is not enough, it feels like there is so much more to cover in this year and they should do a sequel.

8.5 out of 10