Wicked Channel Interview-Seremonia lead singer Noora Federley


Some interviews I conduct are easier than others, for example Noora was nothing short of awesome. I just sent her an email and said I am a fan of this new record, you want to talk. And here we are, ladies and gents enjoy. And if you have no idea who Seremonia is, trust me you will when you are done with this. Keep in mind with this interview, I tried to use a translator and conduct this interview in Finnish, so it would be easier for her because I came into this interview with the assumption she did not know English. It was still a fun talk that I hope you guys and gals read, and kudos to Noora who really is open and honest..

1. Noora, this is such an honor. First of all, what was your first musical memory that made you want to pursuit music?

When I was a kid I had me a little Casio-organ I used to play with. Nowadays I prefer to play the bass, although I kind of suck at it. I’ve never studied music, but I’ve always listened to it a lot.

2. For someone who has never heard of Seremonia, how would you describe your music?

Primitive heavy prog rock with psychedelic seasonings, sung in Finnish.

3. What made you want to do the whole cd in Finnish and not English?

We wanted to do it in finnish, since we are influenced by old Finnish hard rock and progressive rock. Of course it’s also more original to sing in our native tongue, there aren’t many bands doing this sort of music in finnish.

4. You have a CD out now, which means you get the critics, both good and bad. Do you read all of the press, and if so does the bad stuff get to you?

I read the magazines or websites that I’m interested in regardless of our reviews. So I don’t seek out every review or blog post about Seremonia. Of course everyone won’t like Seremonia’s music, and that’s how it should be. You can’t be offended by that. We do music just for the sake of music and for ourselves. If someone else gets something out of it, it’s a welcome bonus.

5. I just watched your video for Rock ‘n Rollin Maailma, can you explain it to me? I’m confused about what I just saw.

It’s a pretty straight forward storyline, isn’t it? The power of rock’n’roll sucks an innocent young girl to a downward spiral of evil. Our good friend, film maker and artist Sami Sänpäkkilä was nice enough to direct the video for us. It caused a lot of confusion in Finland, too. 🙂


6. Noora have you been called to be the new Nightwish singer yet? They seem to always need a new female vocalist. What about the Gathering?

Yeah, it seems like they change vocalist quite often. But they haven’t been in touch. Maybe I should give them a call?

7. Seremonia does a cd signing (Noora these things never go well), the fan comes up to you and is a diehard fan, and wants you to sign the illegal burning and cd. What would you do?

Well, I would sign the cd. And then call the police, haha..

8. The same cd signing next fan comes up to you and does all the touchy feely and invades your personal space, what do you do then? What did you say to them?

It’s hard to say… Too eager fans haven’t been a problem. We’re not that famous.

9. The same cd singing, the next guy comes in and tries to speak in Finnish and you can tell he has no idea what the hell he’s trying to say. Do you want to humor him and make the guy think he is smart or do you just call him out to be a fraud?

I’m not sure if I understand the question! I’d probably listen to his babbling for a while. Sounds like an entertaining situation if the guy is not a total idiot.

10. What is the long-term goal of Seremonia?

Our goal right now is to release our second album in the autumn. We’re looking forward to playing interesting shows in Finland and abroad, now and in the future.


11. If the music does not work out for you, what is the backup plan?

We don’t make a living with our music, so we keep doing it as long as it´s fun.

12. What was the last CD that you rushed out and bought the first day it was released?

I think the last albums I bought were “Smog” by Los Dug Dugs and “45,000 Volts” by Ngozi Family so they are not exactly new albums. Highly recommended!

13. This is what I call name association.. I will give you a few names and you say what you want…

a) Steppenwolf –

Good protoheavyrock.

b) T Rex –


c) Lacuna Coil –

Not my cup of tea.

d) Metallica –

The documentary was entertaining. What’s it called… Some Kind of Monster!

(I will go on record right now, she loves T Rex. Any woman who loves T Rex that is marriage material)

14. Would you ever let your music be used for advertising a product that you do not use? If so, do you brag about, or do you pretend you did not do it?

I doubt we would ever sell our music for a commercial. And I can’t imagine a product that could be sold with our music. Maybe gravestones? But if people from Coca-Cola Company are reading this, send your offers our way…

15. You are a very beautiful woman, almost retro Nico meets Grace Slick retro vibe. Which trust me, is a huge compliment. Do you think yourself a sex symbol?

No I don´t. But thanks for the kind words though.


16. What is different about Noora Federley from the other 100 fronting females of metal bands today?

I’m probably different for two reasons. 1. I sing in finnish. 2. I have a strange voice.

17. Are there any plans to release CDs in America with American vocals? So let’s be honest, this cd is hard to sell to someone who does not understand what you’re talking about.

We do not aim to sell as many albums as possible or to break through in any mainstream way in America. If anybody buys the album, it’s nice. The lyrics are printed in the album covers also as english translations, so you don’t have to know finnish to understand what we’re singing about. But we’ll keep on doing our Black Sabbath -influenced music in our finnish, that’s the idea behind Seremonia. Heavy psych rock in our own language.

18. Is there a band or singer you would like to tour with?

Opening for Roky Erickson would be super. And if a 70’s finnish punk/hard rock band Dead End 5 would ever make a comeback, playing with them would be cool.

19. Seremonia are an awesome band that all of you should check out especially if you are looking for something different. And this was so big an honor to say hello and get to talk to you.

Thanks for the interview!—-I had fun with the questions, some translations were pretty weird!