Wicked Channel Interview-Otic


Otic are a three piece band that I found out about thru my buddy Adam Casto of Nerd Table. They are led by lead singer Raige with guitarist Tipps and last but not least a drummer who goes by a weird name of Hammer Cock. The music I heard so far is really impressive and is bound to make a splash when we get a new cd later this year. So this is your introduction to a band that I think you guys may want to check out and learn more about.

1. For people who have never heard of Otic before how would you describe the band and your sound?

Raige: I would say high energy grunge rock, influenced by math, instrumental, indie, and classic rock. We are a progressive “indie” band I suppose. We really don’t get compared to other bands unfortunately for other people, but great for us! We encourage any and every one to just listen to a song themselves or watch a video. We are a female fronted 3 piece rock band with balls, talent, and drive.

Tipps: I hate trying to label our music but I would say something like progressive indie rock. We can get pretty technical at times but we take kind of a basic approach to get there.

2. The name Otic seems odd for a band name, is there a meaning behind the name?

Raige: Otic was actually a name the lead guitar player, Tipps, had known for quite some time, but it’s a medical term meaning pertaining to the ear. We all are more than happy with the name, though it may be unconventional it is a perfect meaning for our band, we are just the sounds we make and emotion it provokes.

Tipps: It’s a medical term that means pertaining to the ear. I saw it in a thesaurus.


3. What was the first musical memory that influenced you to become musicians?

Raige: Well Raige’s lovely mother had put me in choir and talent shows at a very young age, but it wasn’t until right after high school that I lived with a house of musicians in Chicago Illinois and they were all a few years older than me and were advanced in music, jamming, bands and just being free and creative with music and sounds. Even though I could play piano, cello, guitar, flute, and sing since I was young the passion and drive never really manifested in some form of clarity till 18 years old. I started playing guitar, piano, cello regularly as well as recording singing and jamming every night with them. Without meeting and befriending those people I might be still serenading my shower.

Tipps: Watching my friends play music in high school and lamenting the fact that I had never picked up an instrument.

4. Do you get nervous before playing live? Also have you ever blacked out or panicked during a song? If so, how do you handle that?

Raige: Every time. I have mini panic attacks before shows and feel disoriented but when the music starts I somewhat black out and just ravage the feelings of playing with the rest of Otic on stage. I never panic once the show in underway. In bigger venues I played before Otic I would get so nervous my skin would turn blue, I’d shake uncontrollably and feel like I was going to choke or pass out, but once the music started I was good. I try to focus on my band, the music, how great it feels, and then scan the audience and connect from there. I think the confidence that we all have in what we do really helps to elevate concerns, and if we freak out someone in the band will tell you to suck it up.

Tipps: When I’m playing music it’s probably the only time I’m ever actually comfortable in front of other people. The worst that’s ever happened to me is probably equipment issues. When something’s not working right on stage your mind has the tendency to go blank and forget all the things you would normally consider to fix it, but sometimes you just need to say fuck it and work with what you can.

5. I have to ask you Raige, being a female in music do you think fans and other musicians are fair to you? Also, have you ever played a gig and the people in charge tried to screw you guys over because you’re a female?

Raige: We’ve never dealt with being screwed over or ill-treated because I was a female. I think the way I carry myself prevents a lot of that ahead of time. I am a full member in the band, and handle a lot for Otic. I’m not a pretty whiny chick in a polka dot dress pretending to be unique. I wear what’s comfortable and get into the music in a genuine way so I think it transfers to others rather quickly. I want to be treated with respect and be seen as a strong talented individual more than anything and I think I’ve done a good job at making sure no one has a choice but to treat me like a person. I also have a reputation for honesty and not taking crap from anyone, I used to fly off a lot more than I do now, but my nickname isn’t Raige for no reason I suppose intimidation, little (wo)man syndrome, fairly no fear, and conviction hasn’t hurt. 🙂 Oh and keeping my legs shut really does WONDERS for me. 🙂 As far as fairness, I don’t think it’s fair at all, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have to constantly make sure I’m always on my A game, for the genre Otic plays, and the want to gain/impress new faces, it’s much more difficult to be taken seriously as a female. But I am so happy to have all the stereotypes working against me, because Otic will blow your mind that much more. Bring it on.


6. You seem to be playing a lot of shows, have you toured or played with anyone who treated you guys bad, or stiffed you? If so, this is Wicked Channel you have to drop some dirt. Also what bands have been the best to you guys so far?

Raige: I’ll let Tipps vent on this one, I know he will have a narrative essay and say all I would.

Tipps: 1515 (Denver) kind of screwed us. They cut our set way short for a private party but swore that they felt bad and promised to pay us for the whole night. Of course when we got the check they only paid us for the half hour we played and said we had to take it up with another person who dodged us for weeks.

7. What does being in a band mean to you?

Raige: Everything, it’s really less of the importance of being in a band, but being in this band. I couldn’t be any happier with my band mates and the hopes for the future. We work well together, make great music, support each other, and have pretty great sarcastic gross banter/humor. Couldn’t ask for more.

Tipps: If I were the sole survivor of a nuclear apocalypse I’d spend the remainder of my life playing music that no one would ever hear or care about. Being in a band makes me feel like less of a lunatic for knowing that.

8. Who would you want to play live with, if you could choose anyone alive or dead?

Raige: Personally, Led Zeppelin, Tom Waits, the Dead Weather, James Brown, Foals, WolfMother, mewithoutYou, Brand New, The Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, Death From Above 1979, The Kills, The Distillers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Queens of the Stone Age, Test Icicles, The Runaways

Tipps:Tom Waits

9. What is your main goal of 2013? And also, what is the mission statement of the band?

Raige: We want to just build more radio/news coverage, obviously build our fan base, just progress in general; I would say we all definitely want to go on tour. Can’t say I have a mission statement clever enough yet.

Tipps: To make it to 2014 without any serious regrets. I dunno, titties n’ beer?

10. This is the chance for you guys to plug and promote all you want, and tell the wicked channel population all they need to know…

Otic Art Challenge Any Submission Wanted, ANY Artist Welcomed, ANY Location we love you all, got ANY reason not too?
Submit your creative work to the rock band, “Otic” today!

Artists are encouraged to compete in 3 different categories:
1. Cover artwork- We are excited to see what our music brings out of you! We are asking contestants to listen to our debut single “Shiver” and submit a piece based on our music, the feeling you feels, your interpretation or just your favorite work. We will be choosing a Winner and possibly a Runner-up and used the image as our Album Artwork, Press Release background, and promotional materials relating to the single/upcoming EP. You will be given FULL credits.
2. T-Shirt Design/Logo- We are looking for a great T-shirt design and new Logo ideas. You may submit one or both. You do not need to submit on a screen printed shirt, but it is highly recommended. We will choose a Winner and Runner-Up for T-shirt Design as well as Logo ideas. We will use those chosen exclusively for at least 1 year. You will receive full credit
3. Kick Drum Head- Our drummer is excited to see what types of image you see him rocking! ANY imagery is accepted. We will review all submissions and choose an image to have put on the kick drum head for all to see. We are suggesting all submission to avoid the use of images of Otic in the piece. We will display the image until it wears away. Minimum one year and you will receive full credit!
(Photography, digital art, painting, sketches, sculpting, ANY ART FORM ACCEPTED)
Submissions begin March 15th 2013 and close on May 15th 2013.
(Depending on volume of response, we may extend deadline)
All artists who submit have the option to showcase their work in Otic’s Finale Event set to take place in June/July 2013.
The Finale Event will showcase all the artists who submit as well as local band and fashion
(Details of Finale to be released at a later date.)
What You Can Receive: Free publicity, networking, and support through Otic and The Finale Event
Also choose from any of these if chosen as a Winner or Runner-up
1. Free Entry to ANY Otic concert for Life
2. Private show at a venue and date of your choosing
3. Tryin’ for Ryan. You can also take advantage of any Otic member named Ryan!
4. Appearance in the “Shiver” music video
How To Submit:


Name of submission piece
Artist Name
Artist Bio
Address Contact Number   Websites Name of Work
Piece Information (type of work, tools used, etc..)
Explanation: process, reasons, thoughts
Any other comments
Files suitable for printing and web use


After liking Otic’s band page,

Post a sample of your submission on Otic’s band page
*Note you must accompany any press with the following:

Name of submission piece
Artist Name
Artist Bio
Address Contact Number Websites Name of Work
Piece Information (type of work, tools used, etc..)
Explanation: process, reasons, thoughts
any other comments
Files suitable for printing and web use


This was a very informative interview. Raige I think once she gets a few more interviews under her belt is going to open up and be more vocal, she seems to me even in chats I have had with her to be holding back. Oh trust me, when they get some tours under their belt and see America a little more, she is going to have a lot more to say. All in all, 2013 look out for Otic and if they are playing a town near you, go buy a ticket and say hello.