What I Am Listening to Right Now

Let’s face it, you really do not care what I am listening to from day to day. The whole reason for this list is to hopefully turn you on to some music that you may not know about. Below is a short list of albums that I just cannot get out of my player right now. Thanks to James D. for the idea on this one since I am totally copying his idea.


Amorphis Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes

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Amorphis | Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes
You could say that this live album has a permanent place on my phone. I pretty much leave it on there because it has a perfect mix of Amorphis’ body of work and some absolutely wicked versions of their classic tracks. There is not a weak moment on this album starting from Silver Bride to closing with My Kantele. The second CD (there is also a DVD version of this album) is simply amazing with the closing tracks just killing it. There are some wicked versions of The Castaway, Sign From the Northside (which has become my favorite Amorphis song as of late) and the amazing House of Sleep.


Black Sabbath Headless Cross

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Black Sabbath | Headless Cross
I started singing Headless Cross in my head the other day and now I keep spinning this one up. If you have not listened to this era of Black Sabbath, you really should. The title track and When Death Calls are ridiculously great songs.




Metal Church Live

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Metal Church | Live
Ever since seeing Metal Church’s reunion on 70,000 Tons of Metal, I have been wanting to listen to their classics. When I normally listen to Metal Church these days, I listen to their mid-era stuff. This live album has some incredible renditions of classics like Metal Church, Gods of Wrath, The Dark and Watch the Children Pray. While early Metal Church was always hit or miss with me, the song Metal Church is undeniably one of the greatest metal anthems.



Rage Against the Machine The Battle of Los Angeles

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Rage Against the Machine | The Battle of Los Angeles
I recently watched a documentary on Rage Against the Machine, which was really just a live performance from the band and a nice backstory on a couple of folks who started a movement for the RATM song Killing in the Name to take over the Christmas number one slot in the United Kingdom from a X Factor winner, who had won for four years in a row already. X Factor creator Simon Cowell denounced this movement as stupid, but the movement began to gain steam. Once RATM learned about it, they joined in and promised a free concert for that city if RATM had enough purchased of the single to take over the number one spot. He also said that all proceeds would be donated to charity. Other musicians began to support RATM on this one. Low and behold, the underdogs won. After the brief intro into the documentary, they showed the free concert.

Anyway, the short of the story is that I have been going through their (much too) small catalog and am currently stuck on The Battle of Los Angeles. I have listened to it at least once a day for weeks now.


Stone Sour House of Gold & Bones Part 1

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Stone Sour | House of Gold & Bones Part 1
Stone Sour has been hit or miss with me, but when they are a hit with me, they are a huge hit. I seem to like every other album from them, but none as much as their last release. As a concept piece, the album is intense from beginning to end. I have been hooked on this one since the day it came out. Each track seems to be better than the last until the finale Last of the Real, which is the perfect end to this amazing album. Other highlights include RU486 and My Name is Allen.



W.A.S.P. The Last Command

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W.A.S.P. | The Last Command
I have been on a huge W.A.S.P. kick as of late starting with The Headless Children and The Crimson Idol. I was surfing on YouTube one night randomly pulling up videos and decided to do a search to see if W.A.S.P. have played The Last Command live anytime recently since I know that Blackie has removed a lot of the regular W.A.S.P. staples from their live show in recent years due to being reborn. I was surprised that they did have a version of The Last Command from 2010. The quality was crap, but it was the first time in 25 years the band played it. It is an amazing album with so many great songs on there including Widowmaker, Jack Action and of course Blind in Texas and Wild Child.


Wednesday 13 The Dixie Dead

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Wednesday 13 | The Dixie Dead
I am an absolute sucker for Wednesday 13. The man is a musical genius and has one of the best metal voices of all time. He knows how to write a catchy track and like to keep it heavy. The lyrics may be way too silly, but I have always gave him a pass on that. Listening to his music makes me feel like I felt when I listened to old Marilyn Manson. You just have that rebelious feeling. This album is amazing. Just the title track and Get Your Grave On is enough of a reason for you to purchase this album.


  • Good stuff….The Last Command is such an underrated record. When metal shows or magazines talk about Lawless it is always Animal F–k like a Beast, or when they threw raw meat at the crowd, or the cod piece. No one ever really talks about the awesome music they released. Command, Headless Children, Crimson Idol, and etc. Huge fan of W.A.S.P…