TNA Wrestling Lockdown PPV predictions and even some help for them


Did you guys know that this year TNA Wrestling will turn 11 years old? TNA of all the wrestling promotions have the harshest critics, at first most us wanted to see this company succeed, but today the majority of us are just shocked they are still around. In the last few years they have made some questionable decisions like getting Bischoff and Hogan to come aboard which let’s be honest, has not done one thing for the company. This company has tried everything to get a foot in the door; they went on Monday night to challenge Vince and failed badly. They cut their PPV’s down to 4 to now focus on giving us better builds and even charge 20 to 25 dollars less than Vince does for their PPV’s. They listened to the fans who said they are not pulling the trigger fast enough on hot stars and gave Austin Aries the title. You can no longer blame Jeff Jarrett; he is not around these days. You can no longer blame the internet hate magnet Vince Russo; he is long gone as well.

Before I talk about Lockdown and share my thoughts and predictions, if Dixie Carter were to call me tomorrow morning and asked me for advice, my words are simple. To be number one you have to beat number one at their own game. Eric Bischoff in the last twenty plus years is the only person that came close to beating Vince, and knows to beat ruthless you have to be more ruthless. You need drama, you need reality and most of all you need to throw morals right out the doors. If I wanted to send wrestling fans a message and throw a jab at Vince, Destination X is your most popular show with the internet crowd; I would put it on free tv and make that card super huge, and play it the night of Wrestlemania 29. Get the network to promote it hard and heavy, even if you draw 1.4’s like you’re used to doing anyway, what have you got to really lose? But, if Wrestlemania fails to bring in numbers like they have done in the past, trust me your statement would be heard. I would get rid of no passion Sting, Hogan and Bischoff.

Cut payroll of that talent like Anderson, Mickie and that ilk who are doing nothing for the product. If TNA Wrestling played a free pay per view on the night of Wrestlemania, holy shit that would be something to talk about, what a fucking ballsy move that would be. On with this Sunday’s pay per view and god, the last Impact show did no build whatsoever that would make me want to spend 40.00 dollars on this. Did you guys also know this show marked the last appearance for TNA in the Impact Zone? They are going to be live now on the road every Thursday.. By mid-2014, I cannot wait to see Hogan come back to WWE, with Angle and Hardy and get that monster pop and act like they never left. And to end this part of the discussion, Lockdown this year is not all cage matches, just some. So they took their concept and sort of threw it away, why not just change the name of the show to something else?

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York in a three-way for the X Division Title.

Kenny King can go; he is a great addition to the X division and will be a good champion. I like Ion as well and think York finally getting another break is always good news. This could be the sleeper match. Right now, the X division is losing its fun and excitement of past years, but I feel King could be the one who helps bring that back. I expect this match to really help re-establish the X and if given enough time to work with, this match will get people behind King.

Winner and Still Champion-Kenny King

Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan.

What a waste of talent. Joey Ryan is such a great heel and has a cool gimmick if they gave him some kind of stage to work with, could really help be a great X division wrestler and champion. Abyss well now he is Joseph Park, is just a horrible gimmick and this is their version of past McMahon’s fuck ups. I know Park will win, they have to build this character but why should Ryan be the lamb? I am such a huge Ryan mark; this alone makes me not want to see this PPV.

Winner-Joseph Abyss Park

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray in a cage match for the TNA Title.

Dream match? I am not really sure if I would call this that…but it is about time that Bully got the monster build up for a title match. Again, this is another one of those ideas that would have been so much better last year, than right now. This face turn on Ray is awful, and the mutual respect thing can only mean one thing, heel turn. Hardy seems to always be their back up plan for keeping him in main events or with the title, like he alone is the sole reason people know TNA. And, for me I feel that while this has some merit, what happens when Hardy loses and the rematches are done and he is still a contender? Who is next for Ray, who do you have faith on pulling that trigger with? James Storm? Another TNA missed opportunity, when Storm was hot that man could have sold water to a drowning victim. Angle? The man is in no way able to take on a full schedule and defend a title; the man has so many injuries right now and seems to be wrestling on hope. Sting? If Sting had any wrestling passion, and did not view this sport as a way to make a living doing less work at his age, he would have been at Wrestlemania for the fans to get the Undertaker and that streak. With Hardy it makes more sense, he has the Bully rematches; he has Aries, Roode, Morgan, Samoa Joe, and etc. So I would say Hardy retains, just for what the future holds but I feel the build for this leads to Bully turning and being champ.

Winner and new TNA Champion-Bully Ray

Devon, Mr. Anderson, DOC, Knox, and Garrett Bischoff vs. Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm, and Eric Young in a Lethal Lockdown cage match.

Aces & 8’s is a prime example of why TNA cannot turn the corner and get more fans interested in this product. When the initial debut happened, the whole internet was talking on who would be in this group. Morrison, Carlito, Jarrett and MVP among names mentioned. People wanted to see debuts and major names, and what they got was so lackluster and pathetic that Dixie herself had to sit there and feel stupid. When, D’ Lo Brown and Taz are your major players in a group, and neither one has done anything worth a shit in well over a decade, it really tells you where creatively their heads are at. This is beyond mediocre, almost pathetic. Look at the members of Aces, and then look at Sting’s team, does anyone really care? There is going to be no AJ Styles or Daniels death defying moves or bumps, this is going to be a matter of filling time. No wonder instead of the hype for this match, they hyped instead next Thursday return of AJ Styles.

Winners-Team Sting

Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle in a cage match.

This is what we call in wrestling a building match. They must really see something in Brisco to give him this match, and believe me working with Angle is only going to get people to notice you. Wes better be ready to go, because you know Angle is going in this match wanting to steal the show. I am not sure if Brisco will be ready for a match like this, but I know if anything else the company sees him as a future player and this is a big chance to show people what you have.

Winner-Kurt Angle

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Daniels and Kazarian vs. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a three-way for the TNA Tag Titles.

If Chavo and Super Mex were not in this match, I would be more excited. To me, Daniels and Kaz are the TNA version of Team Hell No. So, I will make this prediction easy, the company needs Aries to have some kind of strap to keep him focused, so I do not see them losing. Though, it would rule if they let Daniels and Kaz have another run, especially with heel AJ returning, this could make for some fun.

Winners and still champs-Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts Title.

I love Velvet, who does not love Velvet. To me, she is the woman if used and pushed properly could make the women’s division where it was in Kim’s heyday. I love Kim, but this time around in the company she does not seem to be herself and actually wrestles so uninspired and feels like a shell of what we once loved from her. Money says to stick with Sky to retain, but my gut says that Kim will get another run with it. I hope that we get Beautiful People 2013 with Love rumored to be coming back..but I think Sky will retain.

Winner and Still Champion-Velvet Sky

Robbie E vs. Robbie T.

I blame Orlando Jordan for this Rob Terry we get today. Rob Terry was on the verge of being something and then the match with Jordan happened, and he came across like a doofus. Now here we are 3 years later and I feel that the damage is still there, but he really needs to be pushed hard in some feuds after this goofiness. I will go on record, I hate Ryder in WWE but somehow even though they fired Bayless who I felt was really great for this gimmick that Robbie E. has grown on me. Where it feels that Ryder tries too hard to get noticed, Robbie seems to have this natural attitude that you love to hate. The guy is all kinds of horrible on the mic and in the ring, but that is what makes him watchable and you are complaining till he does it again and you watch yet again and again. I think the company needs more main eventers, and they see that with Terry in the long run, but I think they are truly missing the boat with Robbie E. Put him in a mid-card feud and let him have mic time, and I feel Robbie E. is the better candidate to go with.

Winner-Robbie T

In closing, I do not see this PPV as a major four show, though it does have a few matches that may deliver. Does this to you guys feel like a major four show that you would have to shell money to see? This could have used that AJ Styles rub more than the first live show on the road, but they have to get the network and people going Thursday night on board, but what about the people buying your PPV? McMahon is guilty of the same thing, so I am not just blaming Dixie Carter.