Svart Crown | Profane (2013) Review

Svart Crown Profane (2013)With an April 22, 2013 (Europe) and May 21, 2013 in North America, French extreme metal act Svart Crown will be back with “Profane,” a twisted riff-filled piece of work that is no lesser than their previous two releases. While they have not garnered the respect of other French acts as of late, those in the know understand what an underrated Svart Crown is.

“Profane” shows us a lot of what Svart Crown did with 2010’s “Witnessing the Fall,” which was a nice release in its own right. Vocalist JB Le Bail sounds stronger than ever and his guitarwork alongside Clément “Klem” Flandrois is a perfect blend.

Standouts on the album include Genesis Architect, In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat (which has been streaming for a few days now) and the title track, Profane. Each of these songs display Svart Crown at their heaviest with riff-filled chaos, but the album is more that straight speed and power. Tracks like Until the Last Breath display a melodic side to the band as well.

Overall, “Profane” is a big hit for Svart Crown and I am just hoping that more love gets sent their way.

A Place of Hatred and Threat Track Listing:
1. Manifestation Symptoms
2. Genesis Architect
3. Intern. Virus. Human
4. In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat
5. Until the Last Breath
6. Profane
7. The Therapy of Flesh
8. Venomous Ritual
9. Ascetic Purification
10. Revelation: Down Here Stillborn

Svart Crown Line-up:
Clément “Klem” Flandrois – Guitars
Ludovic Veyssi̬re РBass
JB Le Bail – Vocals, Guitar
N. Muller – Drums