Suffocation | Pinnacle of Bedlam Review

Suffocation | Pinnacle of BedlamBrutal death metal band Suffocation is back with their latest effort entitled “Pinnacle of Bedlam,” and for people like me, this is always good news. For a band that is in their 25th year of existence and can still bring it like Suffocation does, is a rarity to say the least. With a style that does not lend itself to much widespread acceptance Suffocation was treading on thin ice back in New York in 1988, but they forged ahead to become one of the most respected bands in the death metal genre.

Pinnacle of Bedlam” is a long time coming since it has been three years since we have received a studio release from Suffocation. The first takeway that I have from the album is that Chris “Zeuss” Harris did one hell of a jon with mixing and mastering. With “Pinnacle of Bedlam,” Suffocation’s sound has evolved into a much clearer vision than in the past.

From track to track, you can tell that not much has changed with their formulaic approach to songwriting. Each tracks is powerful and in your face from its opening to its final note. Each track is riff heavy, but does not leave anyone out. The vocals are always strong and the drumming is always heart-pounding. Lead vocalist Frank Mullen has somehow managed to maintain his anger-filled voice throughout the past two decades. I still have no idea how he does it, but he never changes.

Pinnacle of Bedlam” really does not seem to have a weak track to it. I have tried picking it apart, but every song is pretty solid. There are not many standouts though that I would want to pick the album up and listen to one track over and over. The album is great to listen to front to back, but no real highlights that make we want to replay a track.

We have pretty much accepted that Suffocation will always be around and will always deliver quality and they never seem to let us know in that manner.