Satan | Life Sentence (2013) Review

Satan Life SentenceIt is hard to believe that it has been thirty years since we have heard anything from England’s NWOBHM band Satan, but with the release of “Life Sentence,” it will have been that long. Back in the 1980s, Satan’s name would be thrown into the mix with such bands as Blitzkrieg although their popularity was nowhere near as big. Of course, Metallica had a lot to do with Blitzkrieg’s popularity in later years.

With 2013, Satan is back with a piece of work that holds up well from well from their previous work. It has an updated sound of NWOBHM yet does not sound like it was recorded in the 80s. The songs are all about the riffs with a few lead splashes thrown into the mix. There are elements of progressive metal mixed in here as well. They all seem to play nice together though.

I will be honest. I went in thinking that “Life Sentence” was going to be a train wreck. I was not a huge fan of the band in the 80s mostly due to their vocals. Their previous work always seems like individual songs that never worked well together, but now they have an entire album that sounds like a true album.

Like I said before, the songs live and die by their riffs. The vocals melodies are ample, but nothing special. Songs like Incantations and Time to Die stand out on the album, but the album as a whole is not bad at all. If you are looking for a change of pace with a little lighter fare, you could do much worse. I have no issues recommending this one.

Life Sentence Track Listing:
01. Time to Die
02. Twenty Twenty Five
03. Cenotaph
04. Siege Mentality
05. Incantations
06. Testimony
07. Tears Of Blood
08. Life Sentence
09. Personal Demons
10. Another Universe