October Tide | Tunnel of No Light (2013) Review

October Tide Tunnel of No Light

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The fourth album from Sweden’s October Tide, “Tunnel of No Light,” comes to us with major line-up shifts including a new vocalist. After the long, grueling tour schedule in 2010, bassist Pierre Stam and vocalist Tobias Netzell stepped away from the band due to musical differences. In came Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia) on bass and Alexander Hogbom on vocals to take their places. With the inclusion of new vocalist Alexander Högbom, the band is now utilizing a more extreme death metal style vocal approach. Even with the different style that Högbom uses, he fits right into the band with no problem.

As you will know, I was a huge fan of October Tide’s last release, “A Thin Shell,” and was eagerly awaiting this release. In some ways, they surpassed my expectations and in other ways, they missed the mark. I love the new edge, but also love how they remained true to their prior sound. Some songs are made of pure intensity while other tracks utilize melodic moments that make us think of bands such as the mighty Opeth. On the downside though, there are a few tracks that felt forced and served less of a purpose.

The second track, Our Constellation, hits on all cylinders. The riffs provide a nice groove to the song and the track includes melodic elements that would make Opeth and Katatonia proud. Emptiness Fulfilled continues the melodic movement with some droning melodies that keep the listener entwined in the story that they are telling.

Overall, “Tunnel of No Light” is another fine release from October Tide, but is not perfect. There are some week moments, but if you dig bands like Moonspell, you will really dig this release.

Tunnel of No Light Track Listing:
1. Of Wounds to Come
2. Our Constellation
3. Emptiness Fulfilled
4. Caught in Silence
5. The Day I Dissolved
6. Watching the Drowners
7. In Hopeless Pursuit
8. Adoring Ashes

October Tide Line-up:
Alexander H̦gbom Рvocals
Fredrik “North” Norrman – guitars
Emil Alstermark – guitars
Robin Bergh – drums
Mattias “Kryptan” Norrman – bass