Nightbitch | Chainmaker (2013) Review

Nightbitch Chainmaker (2013)New Haven, Connecticut-based band Nightbitch have been around for four years delivering their style of psychedelic occult-themed metal. With the 2013 release of their “Chainmaker” EP, I am hoping that this band get to expand their fan-base because they truly deserve it. Of course, there are only three songs on “Chainmaker,” but each track is powerful and well worth the brevity of the album.

The album opens with the title track, Chainmaker, which has a nice mid-range driving tempo with a gradual build up to something special. The song is definitely riff-based, but features some very nice low end prominence from Mark Eles‘ bass. After parting ways with vocalist Phil Swanson, Nightbitch have become a 3-piece band with drummer Chris Taylor taking on the vocals, and he does an admirable job. Taylor’s deep Danzig-style vocals are just what we want from the band.

While the opening track is pretty solid, Disrober is the one that keeps calling to me. It is heavily riff-driven but adds a lot of melody and ferocity all at the same time. The guitar work of Ryan Adams is the star on this one adding a doom-filled element to the track.

The album closes with a cover of one of Deep Purple’s most underrated songs, Into the Fire. Nightbitch’s version is epic. They approach the song the way that bands should approach a cover song. The original song is well respected, but the band covering the song is represented as well.

Needless to say, you cannot listen to “Chainmaker” only one time, so get your hands on this one when you can.

Chainmaker Track Listing:
1. Chainmaker
2. Disrober
3. Into the Fire