Necrocurse | Grip of the Dead (2013)

Necrocurse Grip of the Dead

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Pulverised Records’ Necrocurse is back with “Grip of the Dead” being released on March 19, 2013 in the U.S. For those not familiar with Necrocurse, they began writing riffs in 2004, but only meant to be as a project. A few demo songs were recorded, but nothing was made final until 2009 when they actually became a band and started to use the Necrocurse name.

After a brief intro into the album, the album begins with a song of their namesake, Necrocurse, which is a furious track filled with solid lead guitar work and chaos. The next track, Rotten in the Dark, continues more of the same with more nice lead guitar riffs and even some nice rhythm guitar riffs.

The Devil Cobra is a throwback to classic black metal with its shrieking vocals and frenetic verse structure. The opening riff is so raw and gets under your skin right away. There is even a nice little thrash metal breakdown in this one.

“Grip of the Dead” is a gritty, nasty album that you need to get your hands on. It bucks the trend on a lot of genres of metal and comes off anything but pretentious. There is truly something special with Necrocurse going on.

Grip of the Dead Track Listing:
1. Preludium of Devastation
2. Necrocurse
3. Rotten in the Dark
4. The Devil Cobra
5. Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)
6. Death Metal Rebels
7. Morbid Maniacs
8. Speed to the Grave
9. Grip of the Dead
10. Coffin Breakers
11. Infernal Rebellion