Music Review-Wildestarr-A Tell Tale Heart


1. Immortal
2. Transformis Ligeia
3. A Perfect Storm
4. Valkyrie Cry
5. Neon Knights
6. Last Holy King
7. In Staccata
8. Not Sane
9. Seven Shades of Winter
10. The Pit or The Pendulum
11. Usher in The Twilight

London Wilde – Lead Vocals
Dave Starr -Lead Guitar / Bass
Josh Frazer- Drums


Review-I remember in 2009 hearing the debut record from Wildestarr and thinking that this band was on the verge of something special. A Tell Tale Heart is a solid follow up, while superior to the first record, this is that record that you just know if fans gave it a chance, it would really become huge for the band. What is not to like about this record, while on the surface people will see the female vocalist deal and think it is another one of those traditional power metal cds that flood us once a week, but you are going to be so wrong. The vocal delivery comes across as a cross between Geoff Tate in the early 80’s, Rob Halford in the 90’s and mix that with a sound that seems inspired as well by the bands mentioned above and mix in Dave’s former band Vicious Rumours. This is a band with a very catchy yet hard rocking sound that really keeps you interested throughout the songs, just by the tradeoff of amazing vocals with great musicianship that compliment her singing.

Among early favorites of mine are A Perfect Storm, the opening Immortal, and In Staccata, which is not taking anything away from the rest of this record. This cd is what Savatage would have sounded like if Jon did not hire Zak to take over after Streets. London is a vocalist with some serious fucking talent and she tears it up all over this cd. If there was any negative to this cd I would have loved Dave to have thrown in some love for his time with Laaz Rockit and maybe throw us something different in one of the songs in that vein. I would have loved to see London tested a little more with maybe heavier material and less melodic and catchy. This woman has a delivery that I think could excel if they went into a more harder realm with future music, because she almost has a delivery that could compare to Holy Diver era Ronnie James Dio. And, we know Dio was so versatile with the music and could deliver, I am wondering the same thing about London, and this band.

This is a really good record, but it is also a one dimensional cd as well. While the songs do not overstay their welcome, I just wish this band would have pushed it a little bit and added elements to this sound. But, I hoped that same thing for years with bands in this ilk that keeps releasing the same records. I really like this cd, and would recommend this cd to all you power metal fans, but I am not ready for a third record of the same thing that I have heard now on two records.

8 out of 10

  • dorptn

    This band is truly amazing. I have heard of Vicious Rumors for years but finally got a chance to check this out. London is the real deal on vocals. These days its very rare for female vocals sounding super aggressive and powerful like Doro Pesch without having to resort to a gimmick like operatic or growling like dozens of other bands around the world have done. I would really like to see them perform live or be part of package tour in the U.S. and not be a studio only project. Would be very interested in a a covers only album of Vicious Rumors songs and see how London approaches them as I’ve read in their interviews. Extremely promising band and I have my full attention on them as of now.