Music Review-Uhrijuhla- Uhrijuhla


Track Listing:
1. Avaruuden lapsi
2. Se minkä maa voi antaa
3. Kotona
4. Liian kaukana
5. Kevään airut
6. Maaliskuun yössä
7. Yökello
8. Pikimusta tähtikirkas yö
9. Tunturit

Review- Uhrijuhla is a band out of Finland who seems to be this super-group of sort for this country. This band is spawned from bands like death metal’s own Xysma and pop metal’s own Callisto. When I read the press release for this cd, it said this is going to incorporate experimental progressive rock with influences from the 70’s and also incorporating Massive Attack and Portishead. On paper that sounds like something that you just know in your heart is too good to be true, but this cd really delivers something so out of the box that by the time the cd was ending, I wanted to go back and listen to it again. Where a label like Svart are truly a label that is really not trying to make trends but giving worldwide musicians a chance to reach an American audience, like Seremonia. While like Seremonia this band also speaks in its Finland tongue and that may turn off most American listeners, but I felt it raised such a beauty to the music, because it was catchy and I had to use a translator to tell me what they were saying.

If no other words could be used to describe this sound, genius would be perfect. While it has elements for metal fans who like to experiment, it has elements for trip hop fans as well to really experiment with. To me, the strong point was the female vocals of Olga, she sounds like the Finland version of Beth Gibbons mixed with the lead singer of Joy Formidable and PJ Harvey. She has a vocal delivery that is beautiful and very infectious. Janitor is the other singer, and he has been around the scene for over 30 years and his vocals were really strong as well and he really had a passion and uniqueness to his voice that could get people to buy this record as well. While the name of the band seems to be inspired by the classic The Wicker Man, this music seems inspired to really make metal fans change their minds on experimentation and give this a taste and jump in. Maaliskuun yössä is a song that I know will get tons of play, as will Liian kaukana, but the guitar sound in yossa, is unreal and so creative and beautiful that Olga really sounds like a star and she delicately romances the listener into this orgy of passion and angelic sounds, this is that song that we have been waiting to hear from PJ Harvey since 2005.

I love what Svart is giving us with these bands from Finland, and I feel this band speaks a universal language of giving us a cd that is so out of the box original and cutting edge that I feel if this is where the music scene is heading towards in Finland, I will be on the next flight. What a great record that speaks the language of what a band can do when they want to make a creative statement.

9.5 out of 10