Music Review-Tyranny of Hours-Tyranny of Hours


Members Don Graham, Michelle Mattair, Larry London, Jordan Harrington

Tyranny of Hours – Track List

1) What is Free
2) Above The Salt
3) Amber
4) Legacy
5) A Breath With Peace
6) The Hapless Wand
7) Transvaal Sphere
8) VainHope
9) The Warm
10) The Path That Lies Apart
11) Dark Symphony


Review-Tyranny of Hours is an interesting band, they seem to have this powerful little progressive, symphonic, operatic approach to music but have a vocalist that seems to have a classic approach to her delivery that while she does come across as familiar to a lot of today’s powerful female powerhouses in this genre, she has a passion to her voice that of a very confident vocalist that as this band grows she is going to really shine, esp. in a live setting. Opening track What is Free is only less than a minute and you would expect it to be a showcase of the musicians, and to get that first song ripping out and it was the complete different, as it was almost a fairy tale like song with Michelle really welcoming you into her world with her sound that seems inspired by passion and just a band that knows how to work with their vocalist and compliment her style. This cd is 11 songs of symphonic power metal with progressive instruments that make Michelle sound very powerful yet beautifully angelic as well. This cd while it really does not break that much new ground, I have come to think if the music is this good does it really have to break any ground? This is a band that can deliver and a singer who can really give you a showcase that guys one minute will fall in love with her and the next fear that she is going to come thru the speakers to haunt you. This record should attract people who are fans of Within Temptation, Epica, Nightwish and that entire ilk. This is a great little musical experience that I really think is going to impress some of the people who are sick of what the above mentioned have been putting out lately.

8 out of 10