Music Review-Tear Out The Heart-Violence


1 Dead By Dawn 4:18
2 Infamous Last Words 3:41
3 Crucified 3:22
4 Undead Anthem 3:32
5 Violence 3:29
6 Coffin Eyes 2:50
7 Feed Me A Stray Cat 3:18
8 Eternal Shadows 3:58
9 Closure 3:45
10 Only Posers Die 3:05
11 Darker Tides 3:51

Review-Tear out of the Heart debut record Violence starts off with this hardcore sound with these amazing death metal sinister vocals, and I was so into it then Death by Dawn took this approach into a Good Charlotte meets AFI pop vocal deal, that ruined the song. This band is trying to be the hardcore version of Linkin Park in their early days with the two vocalists who cover each end of the music spectrum. This boasts some guest vocals from Caleb of ATTACK ATTACK and Dan Marsala of Story of the Year who also produced this record as well. This is the kind of band that I was scared of multiplying. I do not mind most metalcore bands and the change up of styles, but this cd it is so drastic and trying so hard to be commercially viable and so poppy. That I just felt the vocals took more away from the momentum and sound of the cd then added to it. I love the aggressiveness of this band and I feel they are very energetic and heavy as all hell; this is a band that really is faithful to the genre, and at times the Good Charlotte vocals are not so bad, but the first three tracks they are more of a momentum stopper and later they are better utilized. So, if you can get thru the first three songs you may be converted to a fan by the end. This is clearly a band that is all over the map, and trying to be everything to everyone. The sound is all over the map, but trust me when they go into full metal mode they are really a band that I think will only get better, but chances are if the record sales suck we may see the Good Charlotte side more next record, which for me will suck because this band really plays their hearts out. This was clearly a mixed affair for me, but by the end I became a fan of this band and their aggressiveness.

7.5 out of 10