Music Review-StoneLake-Monolith


Review-This cd just comes right out the gate with the old school feel that this band has made a history of. The 6th record from these guys while it will not make any new fans jump on this bandwagon, it may make the faithful happy that these guys did not stray too far from familiar territory. That being said, I put this band in the same category as I do a Circle II Circle of a band that will start a cd with so much promise, then as the cd goes on I find myself getting bored and really losing interest. This band has a way of trying to come across with an old school feel, but yet tries to mix it up with a freshness that creates such an uneven sound that really takes the listener completely out of the song. The opening track Fanatical Love starts off with this Melodic almost Prog feel with lyrics that sound like Journey in the late 80’s. This band also throws in the death metal backup growls during the song that I guess are supposed to feel “cutting edge” that just feel desperate. I am not sure what fan base they are trying to win over. The song Hater takes the death metal growls to the forefront and lets the melodic vocals sooth into the chorus. They seem to have a perfect chemistry on all the songs, but the songs feel like they are trying way too hard to make something out of nothing. Now with that being said, the guitars on this cd are incredible and go from hard rock to melodic and all stops in between. This cd was such a letdown, I was not a fan of the ballads and I was not a fan of the tempo changes and this melodic hard rock vibe they have.

3 out of 10