Music Review-Scum of the Earth-Remixes EP.


Born Again Masochist (Exageist Remix)
Zombie Apocalypse (Volkstroker Remix)
The Devil Made Me Do It 3 (Volkstroker Remix)


Mike Riggs
Brandon Workman
Eddie Travis
Nick Mason

Review- I was not a fan of the last studio record and for that matter anything they have ever done. I always thought of them as a rip-off more than anything original. That being said, I really liked this little ep. This is three remixes of songs off that last record, and I thought the first two remixes were very catchy and really experimental for them, while it does sound like a rip-off it was still very catchy and very cool. Let’s be honest, when was the last time Rob Zombie has put out any music that really made us happy or even worth talking about? So, if his former band mate wants to use that influence and create something like this with it, I am all for it. And I know Korn’s last record has opened the flood gates for bands wanting to use stuff like Skrillex to show they have an experimental depth to them. I am a fan of this band trying to throw a monkey wrench in their sound, because being a non-fan I am trying to find a reason to be a fan. I hope that this step influences them to try to go into techno more in the future and incorporating maybe some of this stuff into their sound more and more. Born Again Masochist really shows the strong vocal delivery that is often hidden in the nonsense of what Scum of the Earth calls their core sound. While I dug the original version of Zombie Apocalypse this version sounds like the doomsday rave song that comes across like we are truly at that apocalypse, I am just shocked that this did not rub off on Spider and what he was trying to do with Powerman 5000.

I really had fun with this three song ep. and makes me want to listen to the cd again and see if I was too hard on the last Scum of the Earth cd, ummm…I changed my mind, this cd is not that great to make me want to listen to that again. But, this is a fun 3 song ep. that really I liked a lot more than I should have.

8 out of 10