Music Review-Sathanas / Spawn of Satan: Split 7inch


Track Listing:

Spawn of Satan – Ritual Murder
Sathanas – Unholy Eternal

Review-Talk about a 7 inch record that brings together two bands that could open the ground and have Satan himself headbang. Spawn of Satan oh my god, these lyrics are so pleasant. They talk about how they want to inflict pain on Christians and cave their skulls in with rocks. I know this song is meant to be serious, but any song that starts off with “I will kill you and not care”. How can you take this band serious? The lyrics alone for this song are just fun for all the wrong reasons; this is such a hateful thrash death metal song that barks to you about hate and killing, what is not to love about this band. This sounds like Steel Panther for the Venom crowd. I admit, I loved the song and laughed my ass off and listened to it many times and still had so much fun with it. I am dying to see this river of sin they want us to join them in.

Sathanas has been around as long as the death metal scene has. And, for them to be on this split is such a huge positive for Spawn of Satan, this will definitely get them some extra eyes and ears listening and watching. If you are familiar with what Sathanas deliver you will be excited to know that this band is just as brutally aggressive as it has ever been and still packs such a hard punch. If the vocals do not hook you into the song, trust me the riffs and that fucking insane drumming will. This 7 inch split is well worth the purchase, you get two different brutal visions of death metal that both fit together so well. Satan himself would be proud.

10 out of 10