Music Review-Radiance-Undying Diabolyca


Street Date: March 18th, 2013

1. Towards Doom
2. Another Way
3. Behind the Light
4. Storm
5. Reasonance
6. Whirl’s Criterion
7. Le Poison à la Mode
8. Undying Diabolyca
9. Pulse of Awakening

Vocals: Karin Baldanza
Guitars: Federica Viola
Bass Guitars: Fabio Accardo
Drums: Elio Lao


Review-This is my first taste of a label called My Kingdom Music and I must admit that this cd is a great introduction. One thing is for sure no matter what you think Radiance is about, you are going to be wrong. On the surface they hail from Italy and have a female vocalist and are going to be thrown into that progressive gothic category. This band one thing is for sure are so adventurous with their sound that once you get a sample of this band you are going to be intrigued for sure. This band has the touches of modern prog, old school power metal but also classical touches and a vocalist whose delivery is all over the map that I am not sure if she is original but I know that she is not out to be just another picture for guys to drool over, she is out to and going to challenge listeners.

Towards Doom is such an interesting intro to this cd, you would expect from the title and the label the band has it is going to start one way and it actually starts a complete different. Another Way which we get to hear the vocals for the first time is another odd way to open this cd. It starts in a heavy almost operatic style that you assume this cd is going to be like Within Temptation, then within minutes they clearly throw that stereotype out the window and just go into this weird experimental stage that the song seems to start another attack, and proceeds to just show you how much depth this band has. That is the biggest compliment I can say about this cd, is that I did not know what it would hit me with next and I was quite shocked that it had the guts to come at me in so many different directions.

This cd and the last Lanewin cd are really trying to break the stereotype of all these females in this vein of metal and that they do not all sound alike and use the same tricks, that some really think outside the box. I am really a fan of this cd, and each song is going to win you over and is so different than the last one. Le Poison à la Mode sounds like what we would expect if the Wilson sisters’ forsaken classic rock and went into this style of music. What a welcome shock, this is really a good little cd and a great introduction to a record label that I hope is out to push the bounds more with all music.

8.5 out of 10