Music Review-Lord Mantis-Pervertor


01. Perverter of the Will
02. Septichrist
03. Vile Divinity
04. Levia
05. Ritual Killer
06. At the Mouth
07. The Whip and the Body

Review-In 2009, I heard the debut record by Lord Mantis and I was ready to call this black metal sludge hybrid the new saviors of metal, then came this follow up Pervertor and now I am calling them the saviors of metal. This cd does not raise the bar of music or metal, it absolutely crushes it. This is the record to fucking beat in 2013 as far as I am concerned, and that comment is not coming from a sales man pitch, but it is coming from a music fan that is blown away by what this band has given us so far and feels that they should be all over the metal press and on everyone’s lips by now. This has all the elements that to me make this record click, and that is aggression and a sound that is ever changing and going into so many different directions that each song gives you so much to get you to really get behind this band. This band seems to mix elements of Neurosis, Today is the Day, a sludge attack that feels like a Kylesa inspired Soilent Green, and so much more that it feels like a cheat to name off bands that inspired this sound, because this band also has so many elements that are clearly going to inspire future bands that mixed with the inspirations named above, make this cd a must hear experience.

This is a band that fuses sludge with extreme metal to create this sound that is so infectious and deserves repeat listens. I think it was Steve Souza who says that there is no more Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood type epic records that today will inspire future musicians, I want to say right now, this is that cd. I feel this cd is the cd that can open up this underground scene like Slayer once did. This cd is an epic masterpiece, and I am not one to throw loose praise and often get a lot of flak for being too hard on bands and singers. This is the cd that Neurosis, Today is the Day and Converge have always wanted to make, and for the record I am a major fan of all three. The sound on this cd is just pure and plain sick as all fuck, the growls and screams are mixed with a band that is so inspired, that from start to finish this is the cd that I feel is going to be a masterpiece talked about in the future just like Reign in Blood and Far Beyond Driven are today. To give this cd 10 out of 10 is not fair, it is so much more than a 10.

This is the album to beat in 2013, and more than likely in 2014 as well.