Music Review-L. A.Guns-Tango On Sunset Strip (Hollywood Forever)


1. Hollywood Forever
2. You Better Not Love Me
3. Eel Pie
4. Sweet Mystery
5. Burn
6. Vine Street Shimmy
7. Dirty Black Night
8. Underneath The Sun
9. Queenie
10. Crazy Tango
11. Venus Bomb
12. I Won t Play
13. Requiem (Hollywood Forever)
14. Araña Negra (Black Spider)

Steve Riley – vocals, drums
Phil Lewis – vocals, 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar
Stacey Blades – vocals, guitar, 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, Theremin
Junko Lewis – piano, keyboards
Scotty Griffin – vocals, bass guitar

Review-Last year the new L.A. Guns record came out, the first one in almost 7 years and it faded away just as fast as it came out. So Hollywood Forever is being re-issued with a new title, to try and see if they can get some people to check them out. While most people know L.A. Guns as another one of those bands that have 2 versions. Like most of the stories in this predicament, you have one side doing all the talking and the other side just wanting to put out music. I will be honest, I understand the marketing ploy, but if you are an L.A Guns fan I can honestly say this is the best thing any incarnation of this band has put out since Vicious Circle. And much like that cd, this cd deserves a chance. The opening track Hollywood Forever shows you that Phil Lewis still has the chops and can deliver, and not only vocal wise but this band shows you that they are still capable of playing great rock and roll. This is just a down and dirty sleazy rock groove that is made for women to get sweaty and men to drink beer and air guitar.

Phil Lewis and the band really deliver on this cd like they are out to prove to all the naysayers that this is the only version of L.A. Guns that matters. I was so ready to call this fast cash and attack it, but god this cd is really a great rock record and that it should use any means necessary to get you guys to notice it. This is a record that shows people what the sunset strip is all about both past and present. This is a great comeback record in a year that seen Kingdom Come rise up from the ashes to give us a record that no one would believe they had in them, and now L.A Guns are delivering a record that you know their career depends on, and they fire on all cylinders. They have the power catchy ballads, they have the mid tempo rockers, and they have the all-out electric orgasm of old school Los Angeles. While I thought Vicious Circle was the best Phil could do, and really gave us a record that shocked me this one is another shocker that shows me that Phil Lewis is still a great vocalist with many tricks up his sleeve. This is by far the best pop glam metal record of the last few years, and such a cool reminder that sometimes you do not need drama or shit talking to make a statement, you just need a band that can deliver with a vocalist who is so fucking criminally underrated. I am blown away by L.A Guns 2013.

8.5 out of 10