Music Review-Kingdom Come-Outlier


Lenny Wolf – everything (else)

Eric Foerster – guitar

God Does Not Sing Our Song (04:05)
Running High Distortion (04:14)
Rough Ride Ralleye (04:35)
Let the Silence Talk (03:29)
Holy Curtain (03:59)
The Trap Is Alive (04:41)
Skip the Cover And Feel (03:37)
Don’t Want You to Wait (04:31)
Such a Shame (03:18)
When Colors Break the Grey (05:03)

Review-Lenny Wolf is one of those singers that never really got his fair due. Whether it was his stint in Stone Fury or when Kingdom Come were the MTV darlings and critics were hailing them as a new era Led Zeppelin, while fans were on the fence while some bought into the hype and others ridiculed the band for being a rip off. Well while original members James Kottak and Rick Steier after the second record In Your Face was not met with the same open arms they bailed to greener grass leaving Lenny to keep going. I will be honest, while I was not a fan of In Your Face, I will say that is the last time I even listened to them. Until now, time has been kind to Lenny his voice still sounds amazing and the band today sounds better than it did in the 80’s. That was the biggest shock to me is that this record did not sound dated and that Lenny made it sound modern while still maintaining the Kingdom Come sound. Rough Ride Ralleye sounds like the song fans expected after Get it On. Where when you hear comeback records or a band that has stuck it out releasing new music, they seem to think they fit in their heydays still, this record fells like it is trying to show people that Kingdom Come is more than some one trick pony and that they have so much left in their career to do. This record makes me want to go back and see what I been missing since In Your Face. I will be honest I am blown away from what Lenny has done, and I think this even outshines the debut record in my eyes. Lenny shows bands like Jet, Wolfmother and etc. how it is done and he creates a record that I would never have expected from him or this band ever again. I am floored; I am a Kingdom Come fan once again. This is the biggest shock of the last decade to me in terms of what this cd delivers and really does to wipe the memory of what fans once ridiculed. Kingdom Come old school fans, you have to hear this cd.

9 out of 10