Music Review-Jungle Rot-Terror Regime


1. Voice Your Disgust
2. Terror Regime
3. Utter Chaos
4. I Am Hatred
5. Blind Devotion
6. Scorn
7. Rage Through the Wasteland
8. Ruthless Omnipotence
9. I Don’t Need Society
10. Carpet Bombing
11. Pronounced Dead

Dave Matrise – Vocals, Guitars
James Genenz – Bass, Vocals (backing)
Geoff Bub – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Jesse Beahler – Drums

Review-The 8th studio recording and 2nd for Victory Records finds Jungle Rot still doing what they do best, crush and kill. As a music fan, when I heard the news in mid-2010 that they dropped Napalm Records and were signing with Victory, I closed my eyes and wished for the best because this is a band that I just feel on a bigger label can get lost with other acts. Thank god Victory knows what it has with them, and really has pushed this cd to the moon and it deserves it. Jungle Rot are truly defenders of the heavy metal faith and since 1994 have really put out some very solid records and it is so criminal that this band is not bigger. To describe the sound of this band is easy it is crushing hard metal with pounding in your face death metal love. This band sounds like the bridge from Pantera to Obituary. The sound that they achieve on each record, this band really knows what works for their sound and do not change a thing, and that is crunching catchy riffs, pounding drums and a death scream from a drowning victim. Another highlight to this band is that their songwriting is so impressive that they really put so much thought into what they are saying as much as what they are playing. This release is the wet dream the fan base has been waiting for since the last record.

This is a band that really gets better on each cd, and to me to say this is their best release to date is such a cheat, because I said that in 2011 and also their What Horror Awaits release in 2009. And will say that in 2015, when the next cd comes out. If you are a fan of death metal and just love the old school simplicity of crushing drums, destroy guitar riffs mixed with catchy riffs and vocals that will inspire you to throw down the headphones and head bang, this is a cd that you should seek out immediately. Vocalist Dave Matrise deserves so much credit for being the sole original member and still keeping this band going and despite all the changes that the sound and each cd is still amazing and fans of bands like Sodom, Obituary and Napalm Death would nut themselves over. This is a heavy as all fuck crushing affair.

8.5 out of 10