Music Review-Gold-Interbellum


TRACKLIST: 1 – One of Us 2 – Antebellum 3 – Love The Magician 4 – Gone Under 5 – Dreams 6 – North 7 – Medicine Man 8 – The Hunt 9 – Ruby

Milena Eva – vocals
Thomas Sciarone – guitar
Nick Polak – guitar
Harm Haverman – bass
Igor Wouters – drums


Review-Gold’s debut record opens up with One Of Us, which sounds like an odd cross between rock and country, it sounds like one of those songs that you hear at the county fair by the opening band on the third stage. That is not an insult; well it is not an insult to people who go to their local fair to see bands play live. Gold is the new project from ex-Devil’s Blood guitarist Thomas Sciarone and vocalist Milena Eva, and if anything can be said about this cd it is that this record is aiming for commercial success. This is contemporary pop rock at its best at times and at its worst at others. This cd tries to keep energy about it, and songs like One of Us, North and Gone Under to me are really the best songs this cd has to offer. The bulk of this music on this debut sounds like a cross between a country version of The Cranberries and old school Gathering. (while not as good as either)

The bulk of this cd to me, tries really hard but lost my attention for the most part because it was generic pop rock we have heard so many times with nothing really to separate it from all the other stuff in this realm. A cd like this once the song starts, you know how that song will go and finish, and this cd does not let you down in that aspect. The press release informed me this is 9 energetic hard rocking pop songs, and I just did not feel any energy behind the majority of this cd, or passion in any of it. The vocals try to have a depth to them, and they just sound so safe and polished that this band has goals that are so lofty that they think this cd is a cant miss formula. And for pop radio maybe the three songs I mentioned that I did like, would have the best shot at making some charts or people pay attention, but this is a miss and I just wish this cd has so much more to praise than it did. What a fucking missed opportunity to really make a statement for a young band that should have been more focused and more hungry, instead of wanting to color inside the lines and create a cd that is safe for radio play or copying every other band that had chart success.

4 out of 10