Music Review-Enabler-Shift of Redemption EP



1. Shift Of Redemption
2. Live Low
3. Sacrifice
4. Fallselflessly

Review-Back in January I reviewed Enabler’s new record All Hail the Void and even the label agreed with the review, this is a cd that should be major for the band. 2 months later I am so stoked we are now blessed with a 4 song ep, which is more of the same that I loved about the band and their sound. This band has a music style that sounda influenced by every genre of music from metal to sludge to hardcore and punk, with more elements thrown in just for the fuck of it. This is a band that seems to play music just for the sheer fact that they are passionate and fans of what they are doing. This ep. is barely 12 minutes long and if you have not heard All Hail the Void, this could be a great introduction to showcase what this band has to offer you. While the full length has the more catchy vocals, this is just a fucking hardcore brutal orgy of sound and power that give you something that is so missing from this genre and that is just a solid love and dedication of bringing back honest in your face music. This is a band that has to be major, they are that band that seems to have that something special I cannot put my finger on but feels that they belong to music and should dominate it. Just hardcore fun, this is the calm before the storm of All hail the void. The only negative to this cd, is that there is not more songs and went longer. What I got on this was not enough, but these 4 songs and the length of it just shows me a band that is dead set on taking music to a new high. You are truly missing out if you do not know anything about Enabler beside this review or the last review.

9 out of 10