Music Review-Delain-Interlude


CD track listing:

01. Breathe On Me
02. Collars And Suits
03. Are You Done With Me (new single mix)
04. Such A Shame
05. Cordell
06. Smalltown Boy
07. We Are The Others (new ballad version)
08. Mother Machine (live)
09. Get The Devil Out Of Me (live)
10. Milk And Honey (live)
11. Invidia (live)
12. Electricity (live)
13. Not Enough (live)

Review- Delain has had an interesting last few months they signed to a new label Napalm Records and wanted to release a thank you to their fans. I guess Interlude is supposed to hold us over till the next record in late 13, early 14. Let’s start with the new songs, Breathe on me is a sign of where Delain were at on their last cd with that commercialized metal sound they seem to be going further and further into as each cd comes out. I guess they want to be lumped into that Lacuna Coil category, and not just for the female vocals but their career path. They have really got softer and softer per cd and seemed to be aiming for pop radio. Breathe on me is so commercialized and sugary that you may get diabetes just from listening to it. I know in their mind this is where they think they need to be, but look at record sales I think they should rethink their music direction and just try to be different instead of trying so hard to fit in. Now that being said, Collars and Suits the next song is a little better, and does at least showcase a heavier feel and groove. Though again the vocals sound so poppy and safe that I just wish they would really let the music play and just go for it. The instruments are so heavy and cranked up to ten and then she breaks into this sound that really tries to kill the momentum instead of doing an Angela Glasgow approach and just go for it.

Now that being said though, I will admit the next few songs really were very good to me; they were catchy as hell and really worked for me. Are you done with me and Such a Shame are songs that you can picture playing on modern rock radio, and that you want to change that channel but you start getting into the song and before you know it, you want to hear it again. These songs sound like something you would expect from a mid-20’s Alanis. The next two tracks are acoustic starts and mid metal breaks to weak endings. Then, you have the live tracks which I am not a fan of mixing live with studio recordings; I feel it is such an odd contrast that does not work well. All in all, this was such a mixed bag for me, I did enjoy most of it more than the whole last cd. The live songs really come across as such an honest representation of the band, they just feel so out of place on this record. Though, I will say I am anxious to see what is next for them, because I feel now with this many cds in their career and the small impact that they have it gets their creative juices going and really gives them a fire to really go for it.

5 out of 10