Music Review-Brian Connolly’s The Sweet- Let’s do it Again (All the Hits and More)


Review-I will start this review off with that growing up I was a major fan of Sweet. Brian Connolly in the 70’s was a great singer and at one time they were the darlings of radio with hits like Love is like Oxygen, Fox on the Run and Ballroom Blitz. Brian’s career after the break up in the early 80’s has been questionable. He started a band called The New Sweet, and other than that he has released so many greatest hits for Sweet, that I lost track at what number this one is. This is yet another attempt at making the old school classics modern to today’s music fan. When bands do things like this, it only means one thing they do not own the rights to the original music and wants to put out newer versions that they do own the rights to and sell them to commercials. This sucks because I have on vinyl Level Headed with their big hit Love is like Oxygen and Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can be, when they had John Sebastian writing a song for them, before he went to the moon with the Welcome Back Kotter theme.

To most fans the death of Sweet was in the last two studio albums they put out in the early 80’s, while they failed to make a dent with radio, they were ignored by the record buying community. So here we are 42 years after the debut record came out, and Brian has decided that since all the other attempts at trying to create a spark has failed, why not keep on trying. This cd is awful and such an insult to Sweet, and the fans who remember them from their heyday. Trust me Sweet fans, keep the memories do not listen to what Brian is putting out now because he wants to try and make some money and get on television to make more money for a library that he is damned to destroy.

When you hear Love is like Oxygen 2013, trust me you will want to turn it off just as fast as it started. OMG what the fuck was he thinking putting this shit out and killing the past so badly? Brian sounds like he is trying to conjure up a very bad imitation of The Moody Blues with those vocals, and he sounds horrible. Then I thought ok let’s listen to this Ballroom Blitz, oh my god it is so bad that it is not even worth me talking about it. It sounded like a bunch of over 70 year olds at Karaoke night at the Bingo Hall. What the fuck was he thinking? Brian Connolly seriously are you truly thinking this was a great idea, you must be the biggest idiot in the music industry. Little Willie another classic, sounds like if my grandparents were trying to play a Kinks song, it is just horrible. Wig Wam Bam another Sweet song that as a kid I was such a huge fan of, and to hear this 2013 version makes me hate the original now. This has got to be the worst album I have ever listened to all the way thru in my whole life of being a music fan and that is quite the statement. Makes me want to break all my Sweet albums and setting them on fire. Brian Connolly deserves to be locked up in jail for raping these classic so badly. The Sweet god I am so pissed off that someone let this cd come out and that I had to hear it, this is the biggest insult to the history of a band that I just lost all respect for. I would rather them whore themselves like Gene Simmons does with Kiss and put out silly merchandise that I will never buy, but why fuck with the classics?

0 out of 10