Music Review-As They Burn-Will, Love, Life


Track Listing:
1.) Medicine 2.0
2.) Origin
3.) Dream Collapse
4.) The Conscious Man
5.) Isis
6.) Frozen Vision Part 1
7.) Frozen Vision Part 2
8.) When Everything Falls Apart
9.) Z(h)ero
10.) F.R.E.A.K.S.
11.) Sons of Shiva

vocalist Kevin Trevor, Hoby Arinoky- guitar, Fabio Meschini- guitar, Ronald Pastor- bass, Milton Bakech- drums and Bastien Jacquesson on machines.

Review-As They Burn is a French six-piece who seems to have released their debut record, and also seems to be very big fans of Emmure, Slipknot and the Devil Wears Prada, and if you are fans of those three bands as well just mesh their sound together and you will get what this band is trying to sell you. Now that being said, this is a band that besides being very familiar with their core sound is also a very talented band on their merits as well. This is 11 songs and about 38 minutes long, and really wastes no time and just comes right out of the gate firing on all cylinders. This is a band that seems like a mix of nu metal and deathcore. This is one of those cds that most metal fans will ignore or seek out the originators more than the new crop of bands, but this is a band that I think if given a chance could really become a recommend to most of you. The formula sound of this band is heavy riff, scream, whisper, and riff upon riff, scream, and pounding drums with more screaming and whispers. Dream Collapse could really be the song that if played on any radio station with the balls to play it, could really help this band out to get noticed because songs like that, Conscious Man and Medicine 2.0 really showcase this band and what they offer the best.

The only issue I truly had with this record beside how familiar it sounded at times is that the songs were short and would have benefited from more depth and structure. But, this is a great little taste of a band that will only get better with more tours under their belt and time around each other to see what works for them in terms of sound and timing. Between this and the Dr. Acula record last year, I have to give some serious kudos for Victory Records for really putting their ears to the pavement and trying to create a label that shows a love for independent metal and where the future is heading. All in all, this was not a bad record, and I think fans of any band mentioned in this review could really do themselves a solid and get this one.

8 out of 10