Music Review-Adema-Topple The Giants


Members Kris Kohls: Drums
Dave Deroo: Bass/Vocals
Tim Fluckey: Guitar/Vocals
Marc DeLeon: Guitar

Review-When Nu Metal (or rap metal, however you want to term it) was in its highest peak, it just seemed like every week, there was 10 more bands ready to come onto this scene and sounded like bits and pieces of all the other bands that made it. To me, while I was a huge fan of this genre, lord knows it burnt itself out faster than it hit the map. It seems nowadays beside the few that still sell many records that when you hear from bands in this genre is when it is changing around its lineup again and trying to mount some return to being the copy they were that may have had moderate sales back in the day. Orgy is a prime example of a band that has no idea when to stop, and that Jay is no longer who he thought he was back in the day. Adema is another band to add to that list. Does truly anyone know or care what is going on with the lineup of this band today? They are reforming, they are breaking up, Chavez is in and then he is out. They want to revamp some older songs with this new passion and heart they have. Again, does anyone truly care? I look at it this way if Chavez was not kin to Korn’s Jonathon Davis, this band would have been a cover band in California at Joe Bob’s Crab shack.

To be honest, and I am a huge Korn fan, when was the last time they did anything worthwhile and we gave a shit? So if the so called originators are putting out mediocre copies of their heyday sound, why should I care about what the imitations are doing today? But, I was interested in Adema because I liked maybe one or two songs off the debut record, and I saw a video here and there that did not connect with me and I lost touch with them. So, here I am 12 years later listening to the new cd and to be honest with you, this cd has a few moments that I felt were ok to a point. Resolution sounds like something you would expect from Union Underground, and then uses some of the Orgy touches which I did not mind. Topple the Giants the next song is another song that really tries to stand out and show you the band is trying to give you something different than the past, but it sounds like bad Nickleback. As a whole this cd tries really hard, but I just do not see an identity more than a bunch of copycat songs that sound like every other band, with not one original ounce of passion or heart. As a whole this seven song record may have three songs that I actually would listen to again, 4 songs that made me wish I did not listen to this record. I wish bands like this would just throw away all this bullshit, and just redo the whole vision of the band but I feel Chavez and his trademark second rate nu metal vocals will be forever stained in this band whether he is in it or not, and people are going to expect them to be a never was in nu metal. It just feels that this band and their sound on this record is just holding back and playing safe music, if success with this formula did not happen yet, no offense what is to think it will now on a much smaller stage then you ever been on? Why not take some risks and just go for it, and just go with your heart?

4 out of 10