Music I am currently listening to-James Picks

I am a music fanatic. My tastes know no genre; I will listen to Pantera and then the next minute listen to Nellie McKay. I review a lot of cds and at times I just feel like listening to stuff that is in my collection or that I bought. This month I got into digging mode and went thru my collection and wanted to revisit cds and albums that I have to listen to once in a while just to keep my sanity. This list is my way of maybe pulling the curtain on what I listen to each month, and to maybe turn some of you on to music that you may not know about or forgot about. To all of you who read these posts we all do, thank you so much. If you celebrate it, Happy Easter this weekend and if you do not, have a good weekend and again thanks so much.

10. Diesel- Watts in a Tank

9. Radiohead-The Bends

8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-B.M.R.C

7. Yes-90125

6. Meat Beat Manifesto-Subliminal Sandwich

5. Marillion-Misplaced Childhood

4. Oasis-(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

3. Pigface-Fook

2. Velvet Undergound-The Velvet Underground & Nico-

1. Blackula-Cherry Wicked