Movie Review-Zulu Dawn


Review-Can I be honest, blu ray releases like this break my heart and upset me. These are films when I was a kid that my late father loved, and I wish he was alive to watch this with me. Severin Films in the last few months have finally put amazing transfers on some classics like Ashanti, Wild Geese and now Zulu Dawn. I will say this, for you old school movie fans and were pissed off by the last transfer for Zulu and its sequel Zulu Dawn, no need to worry this is quite possibly the best transfer I have seen of this film since the original played theaters. This film is watchable and did not feel so dated, but the film is full of flaws, but you just get used to those flaws as the film goes on. This version is being released in its 117 minute version that the British copy gave. The original American release was only 98 minutes.

This is basically an education of sorts about the Zulu War and how it came out. It centers on an all-star cast and they retell the story of the Battle of Isandhlwana: In January 1879, arrogant officials of the British colony of Natal, Africa issued a list of unauthorized ultimatums to the Zulu Nation. As you can guess the Zulu King refused the demands and the Empire declared war. Again, this is what I like to call a bonding film for a father and son to watch together, while the film is heavily flawed and the acting is what it is, the film is far from being boring and is somewhat entertaining and will keep your attention. Compared to films coming out these days, this is a reminder of a better age in film making, and a more daring one. Whereas these days films have become lazy and uninspired and seem like every other film, this is a reminder that at one time people tried to make a historical piece that respected the era, time and people.

I would say if you have a grandfather, or a dad older than 50 this may be considered a buy. If not, maybe a rental if anywhere rents anymore? But, make sure you see the blu ray version of this film, it is such a breathtakingly beautiful transfer that shows a lot of love and care.

7 out of 10