Movie Review-You’ve Been Trumped


Donald Trump has always been one of those personalities that no matter how bad he looks, he always seems to come out of it looking smarter and having more supporters. Repeated bankruptcies, repeated bad business dealings, and an ego that is as huge as America and a mouth that is even bigger. These days when most people think of Donald they think of either his reality television show The Apprentice, or they think of the outrageous things he says to get his face on television. One thing about Donald is for sure the man can sell himself and he comes across to millions of Americans as that elitist who has this great mind for business and politics. This film centers around the Donald Trump that Americans like me view, a liar, someone who makes a lot of claims and threats and never lives up to any of them, and most of all a greedy selfish person who is only out for himself and does not care what gets in his way, because he has the money to bully them and the power to destroy them as he sees fit.

You’ve Been Trumped is a documentary about what happened with the construction of Trump’s Golf Course in Aberdeen a small town in Scotland. The film centers on how the council refused Trump’s original proposal, so Donald went to the Scotland government and fed them all this crap about creating new jobs, and keeping the environment better than it was before and the tourism, and he got approval. Now, before you think this is going to be a film that focuses on the propaganda that Trump preaches, the film focuses on a group of people who did not want to sell their land and stood up for themselves against this bullying tycoon. This is directed by Anthony Baxter who lives in the surrounding area and heard the news, and wanted to film the events that went on while this course was coming to form.

The film centers around a subject named Michael Forbes who is a local Scottish man, who did not want to sell his land and whose family and family before him and etc. lived there and had pride in their home. When Donald cannot get the first person to sell, he does what Donald does best trash talk the guy to the media, makes fun of his land and house and refers to it as a pig sty and the guy is a slob. The locals all rally with Forbes and throughout this film show their support. Some of the things Trump does to this guy is awful, like for one week cuts off all water to his house, and then charges the man a fee for taking down one of his makers that accidentally were on Forbes land.

We watch Donald and his construction crew destroy this land and their sacred dunes just to build a golf course for him and his elitist friends. There are also two more neighbors, one is named Susan Munro who lives with her family in the distance of where the course is being set up, so they take dirt and make a huge wall so no one can see her house. Also, there is a scene when the director goes to confront Trump’s people on why they shut off Forbes water, and next thing you know just for asking questions the Scottish police manhandle the director and arrest him. This film shows how Trump and his money can make law and government work for them.

The third person that has land that does not sell to Trump, they find out that piece of his house is on the golf course land and threaten him to let Trump buy or they will destroy that part of the house. The film Local Hero is referenced throughout this film, and so is this ugly side of greed. This film addresses how Trump says he is environmentally going to improve the land, when in reality you watch as he creates human and environmental atrocities. They bulldoze all this land and the pristine dunes that are gone for good, and refuse to have windmills in the water because when they golf they want to see the ocean, which are also a part of the heritage of the land.

This film is heartbreaking and just plain sad. To see this bloated billionaire who was not self-made, whose tools to success were to take the money his family left behind and continue building could make any of us rich. And this is the man who has said now 6 times in the past 20 years he would be the perfect President of our country. While Obama is a joke and has no idea how much damage he has caused, Trump is just as bad, fuck look at his deals in Atlantic City alone. These were not his money invested, they were bank loans and when he filed his chapter, those debts were not paid back by his money in the bank no they were losses for the bank who loaned him the money, wait they did get a building with the name Trump on it. All in all, this is a must see film and I hope people would stop supporting this idiot and his shows.

9 out of 10