Movie Review-Tormented 3D


Coming out Tuesday

Review-Tormented is Well Go USA’s second foray into the 3D technology and actually this film can be seen as either a sequel or follow up to their first film Shock Labyrinth. Bits and pieces of that film are shown in this film. I am not sure if this film can sway non-believers of 3D to sway or for that matter people who are sick of J Horror films to come back to the format. This film focuses on a young girl named Kiriko who tries to take care of her traumatized younger mute brother Daigo. What caused his trauma, this film shows us that he killed a rabbit on the playground at school, which also resulted in his being beaten up and bullied at school as well. We also witness that at night he seems to sleepwalk, his father really is nothing more than a word because instead of being worried and helping, he is trapped in his own world of shit and grief. This film goes into a fantasy 3D world with a stuffed rabbit that floats out of the screen, and now Daigo is missing. Well, his sister is out to go into this world and find him.

This film was confusing to describe to you guys and even more confusing to follow. This film is so frustrating to me, because I think that everyone behind the scenes can deliver so much more and like Shock Labyrinth this one seems underwhelming. I love the 3D aspect of the film, I am a diehard fan of the concept this film tries to give us, it is like a nightmare on acid. This film though suffers from a lack of substance, and more into the style. The film is often at times cool to watch, but hard to follow or understand. It is like the storytelling, plot and characters all play second banana to the 3D aspect of the film. This film has an epic feel with its spectacle; they really go all out with the technology and really showcase how far we have come with film making. This film has really no horror element to brag about, and felt more like parody more than scary. And like all J horror films we get the creepy looking girl with the long black hair covering her face, which just adds to the cliches we get with this film.

This film can be seen as a rip off of sorts to The Grudge, well they were both directed by Takashi but you would think over a decade later that he would try to do more or break that mold. How many films does he need to make that remind us about his past? I think he is still stuck in that world where the fan boys and critics were telling him how awesome his vision is, so he keeps giving us that same vision over and over. If you have seen Donnie Darko and The Grudge you basically have seen most of this film already. All in all, the 3D element and the bunny were kind of cool, but this is just another example of a director who cannot break out and do something different.

4 out of 10