Movie Review-The Taint


Coming this Tuesday from Troma…finally on dvd and blu ray combo….

Plot – A chemical has tainted the water, and it only affects men, it turns them into monsters who just want to bash in the head of a woman.

Review-This film is old school Troma meets Tokyo Gore Police. The film centers on Phil. The story starts he wakes up from a dream only to be chased by a guy. He soon meets Misandra. This is the first of the back stories. Misandra talks about her boyfriend, and 12 days ago how happy she was. The dialogue in this back story was funny, she and her boyfriend are sitting together, and he says “people, who are not in love like us, are gay”. Who says this? And, the next scene, he comes home from work before he drinks the tainted water, that no one knows is tainted. And he says,” you know that picture I have of you in my wallet, I beat off to it today at work”. And what occurs next, is one of the oddest sexual image scenes I have ever seen that is supposed to resemble love and romantic. As the film rolls on and we get dialogue like, “nobody blocks my cock” When Phil tries to prevent a gang rape of Misandra. Which also leads to the next statement-” We don’t joke around about gang rape, we take it very seriously”. Then, they meet up with Ludas, who tells his back story. Which talks about how the water became tainted? It was poisoned with a cock enhancing drug called Cockzantium. Which we get to see a commercial, that involves Nazi’s and the search for a big cock, which was so odd but my god was it just funny as all hell. We get a abortion scene which I will not say more, a lot of nudity. A great musical score that from start to end, which really did compliment this film very well. This film was nonstop fun. If you guys loved Someone’s knocking at the door, this film would entertain you. It’s funny, its gross, its controversial, esp. the scene with the plane heading into the tower and what he does with the American Flag. I had such a good time with this film, each scene been more over the top then the last. And there are some more back stories I did not get into. One involves a sad scene that is fucked up. Who could ever think of a scene that is meant to be heartfelt and make it so cruel? This is Top 10 for sure.

10 out of 10

I want more from these guys..this fucking rocks…