Movie Review-The Storybook


Review-To be honest, going into The Storybook I was in the dark, I thought it was just another indie end of the world survivalist horror film. Boy was I wrong. This is actually the sequel to a film called It’s Over which is also a series of graphic novels. I knew ten minutes into watching this film that I had to stop because I felt like I was in the dark about the characters, and what had happened to make this film start off the way it does. So going into this film that would be my first recommendation to you guys is be familiar with this story. Because, I feel if you go into this film blind it is going to take away from the experience.

If this film is nothing else it is ambitious, it is dead set on telling a story that it wants to keep going and going with. Now, this part of the review I am going to talk to you guys assuming you have read or watched the films and graphic novels leading up to this, which I will be honest I did not, but I read all the notes I could to familiarize myself enough to know what is what and who is who. Storybook starts off with this place called The Temple of Plus, and that Lucifer is out to plot his next move in a battle of Armageddon. The acting is very independent and the effects are low budget, there is this scene when main character Doctor Cortez has a guy who she taught in school tied up to a ordinary tree in the ordinary forest and is trying to pry him for info to go kill the president, the savior of the planet and the best line she can come up with is, “if you call me Doctor Cortez again I will kill you”. The actress playing the Doctor really tries hard, and at times I wish she would have injected some humor, she tried too hard to be too serious when clearly you can tell with what the budget was for this film, it should have tried to be funny, make her darkly humorous or at least sarcastic.

But, I found myself somewhat entertained by this film for the most part. The end of the film which I can spoil after all the credits is a blooper reel, that made you have more fun with the film seeing the heart and soul these guys put together to give you something to view. The negatives to this film are pretty clear, that you need to really know this story before jumping into this film. That is one thing I would love to have seen from this film, is that it made the story clear and gave us a recap in case we were not familiar. If you watch the trailer going into this film will help you realize if you are the fan for this film or not. This is low to no budget almost Mystery Science Theater inspired cinema, this film would be more fun with a crowd of people for sure and preferably one who is familiar with the story that could catch you up. As far as a review go, I will say this if you liked what has come before this, judging by what I seen and read this looks like more of the same, but if you are clueless like me on this you may want to do your homework first.

It is easy to hate on films like this, but they deserve so much credit that people took an inspiration they had and with little to no cash, made it happen. For that alone, I would say it may be worth your while just to find out more maybe read a book they published, because these guys are ambitious and aim for the fences, so I will say this if heart and determination were what we judged a film by, this would be a film that everyone should own.

6 out of 10