Movie Review-The Frankenstein Theory


Coming to home video March 26th

Review-Found footage films to me in the last few months have been getting better; I guess it is because I am getting a little more selective with what I watch more than just wanting to watch every title. I will be honest, I really like The Last Exorcism film, and I think this was the biggest selling point to me wanting to see this film. I am not a fan of Frankenstein, never have been and more than likely never will be. I have watched every version and vision into this creature and never really embraced any of them. To think they created a film with a found footage aspect to it, I will admit looking at who was working on the film had my interest and made me feel if anyone can make me warm up to this and maybe like it, it would be here and now. This time around it says that the legend and myth of the creature is a true account of a horrible experiment gone wrong. Professor John Venkenheim we watch as he is suspended from his job at the university for his ideas, and he leads a documentary crew into the Artic Circle to maybe show people his ideas are not so insane. This film on paper so far seems like a cannot miss, you have a theory that what if this monster was real and that the novel was maybe a biography, and that they are setting up a crew to go seek him out. That is where the creativity of this film ends, because what you get next and throughout the bulk of this film is talking and theorizing more than actually seeing and experiencing.

Where a film like Troll Hunter built up the story that when you get Trolls you are stoked and they deliver, this film if you look at the cover long enough you may see more of the creature there than what you get in the film. It basically builds and builds to nothing. This film wants you to have a huge imagination, because all of the action happens off screen. This film has a great backdrop to work off of, and yet cannot get anything going for itself other than maybe the hope of something coming that I hate to warn you, it does not come. This film felt like a bad Blair Witch with frostbite. The film has all those cliches that I am so fucking sick of with found footage films and that being the sounds outside the tent at night, the night vision stuff that just leads to more promises that this film does not deliver. Of course the camp is destroyed and they have no vehicle, they are left to survive in the cold. Stop me, if you have never seen this in any other found footage film before, or any 15 found footage films. This film would only have terror and fear for a viewer if you spent the 20.00 to buy it and know that you got ripped off within seconds. Then this film has to know it is bad, because they go outside of the found footage realm, and start to play a film score to try and create the viewer to be scared as to what is coming next. Though, if this film wanted to just really go for it, it would have ruled to have a character in the background with a boom box playing that song.

This film on the surface has a few things going for it, it has a cast that if they had more to work with would have really gave us something special, and had little funny touches that would give you a smirk here and there, but this is a horror film and it did not deliver on any of that fun stuff we watch horror for. Though, it did deliver what most of the found footage films these days do deliver, just pure eye rolling boredom waiting for something to happen and then when it is implied and not actually happening so we can see, we are left to have to use our imagination more than we need to. This is another example of something on paper that should have stayed on paper.

2.5 out of 10