Movie Review-The Comedy


Review-What a cruel irony, a film called The Comedy is not funny. I love comedy, and I love cruel comedy. That being said this film was so poorly written, pretentious and just boring. I feel that the comedy in this film is more for provoking someone, to get a reaction more than trying to entertain you. This film has an interesting premise, done to death true, but at least interesting enough to make me want to put this in and sit back and watch. It revolves around an over the hill type who thinks they are still hip and cannot connect to the rest of the world. Tim Heidecker plays Swanson, who if you are familiar with Tim as part of Tim and Eric, you know what to expect with his type of humor. If this is comedy, and what people think is funny there is something really wrong with the world of comedy these days. This is boring, lazy writing, and just such mean-spirited fluff, that it wants so hard to try and offend you so badly that it forgets to try and entertain you at least. It was as bad as Tom Green in his somewhat heyday film Freddy Got Fingered.

This film does not have any means of storytelling beside trying to get you to laugh at it, and there is no way the people behind this film watched the final product and were proud of it. Swanson tries his hardest to be a modern day Archie Bunker with the way he talks and then we are to believe he is some kind of chick magnet? The acting is wooden, the jokes are repetitive and I wish I never put this film in my machine. At around the 20 minute mark I used the timer to tell me how much more time was left, and I kept it going throughout the rest of the film. How can anyone in their right mind release this film, much less put money into this idea? I am just utterly speechless to how fucking awful this film is, and how much I would love to never see any of the people involved in this film do anything else. This is horrible and not offensive horrible, but bad as fucking shit horrible. This film makes Pluto Nash seem like a 5 star classic. There is no scene in this film, I can recommend or even anything that is memorable. This is 2013’s worst film of the year and could be one of the worst film I have ever witnessed in my life. I can not even give this film a rating of 1 to 10, but I came up with something else that fit this perfectly.

One of the worst films I ever witnessed in my life.