Movie Review-The Collection


Coming to dvd and blu ray on March 26th
The Collection picks up right after The Collector, as while the city is looking for Arkin who was boxed up at the end of the first film, we are introduced to Elena. Elena gets stood up by her boyfriend, and a minute later some of her friends call he to go to underground warehouse rave. Well, the party seems normal enough at first, until Elena sees her boyfriend there with another woman and she slugs him. So, as she goes into a small room to get out her frustrations and tears, she stumbles upon the box that she opens and Arkin comes out. As, this box is opened and he gets out it sets off a series of traps that kill everyone at the Rave but them two. As the Collector is done with everyone else, he is going to get Arkin and Elena but Arkin manages to escapes and he captures Elena who is now in the box. Well, Arkin goes to the hospital and is being taken care of, Elena’s and her father’s protector comes in and wants to know if he saw Elena at the party. When, it is told that Elena was there the father of Elena who is some high ranking member of the community wants to get her any means necessary. So, they assemble a force to have Arkin lead them to go thru the building that Arkin was the only one to survive and get her back.

I liked the first Collector film, it was nothing spectacular but it was nothing so bad either. Now, with that being said, this is a case of the sequel completely outshining the original. From a storyline aspect, I felt this had the stronger story. I mean, if you are familiar with the first film and all the traps, you know that sending a squad to go into any building is going to result in a lot of traps and fun gore moments that will have you very excited. I liked the Arkin character more this time because the first film he was a victim, he was a clueless person and he just wanted to survive. This film he seems like he is out for revenge as the film goes on, that his motives are not to find the girl as so much it is that since he is back in this place again, just to stop this guy once and for all. The traps this time around were brutal, that you know Dunstan was in the background giggling with Patrick saying something like wait till they see this or that. The Collection seemed to know that this era of torture porn is winding down or almost disappearing, and really went all out to show that it still has a place in film. This is the sort of film that people will watch and love, until they go online. This is the sort of film that I feel is still such a welcome breath of air to the horror genre. Something that is over the top with its killing, brutality and just attitude that how can anyone hate a film that does what it is supposed to do, and that being entertain you?

You almost could guess with the way it ended, that Dunstan knew that ending would get the fans talking and it will. Think of the future if they continue with this franchise now. My only negative to this film is that the last fifteen minutes felt like a mad dash, that I loved the pacing of the film till then. I hate films that seem to speed up as the film goes on like it is in some kind of hurry to get everything out and finish. Horror fans sometimes do not mind patience, well unless it is a Ti West film then we have had enough patience to last a lifetime and we need more action. The Project Greenlight guys have had such an odd career so far; you either love their films or absolutely despise them. I feel this film should have done so much for them, how can the fans not support it, but rush in to go see Last Exorcism, some tired remake of Chainsaw, and Mama? I just hope with it now out on home video that this gets the proper audience and really gives them faith to make more of these kinds of films. I am all down for Collector 3, maybe not for Feast 4, Saw 8 or Pirahna 3DDD.

8.5 out of 10