Movie Review-The Cemetery


When will the Evil Dead remake start is what most of our community wants to know right now, well I am here to tell you fuck Evil Dead, The Cemetery is a horror film that will get you talking and being scared to going back into the woods. It seemed that when torture porn started to decline, horror films really lost their direction and started to embrace the new philosophy of found footage films that horror has to be so long and drawn out, that less is more. So when us true horror fans get a film like The Cemetery or even Adam’s last film Cross Bearer, we love them just for how they give us something that embraces the history of our genre with a new mindset that if you are not signed by a Hollywood studio you do not have to play by their rules, and trust me Adam’s films do not play by any set of rules that I have ever heard of. This is an indie film with the mindset that a budget does not have to hurt it, but actually helps it. This film hides its negatives very well, and if you did not know better you would never guess this was made on limited anything. The film opens up with a period piece of the 17th century and demonic possession, and then we fast forward to present day and a group of ghost seekers who also do a reality show, they are on this sacred cemetery in the middle of the woods where the possession happened. We learn that in Pennsylvania in 1671, 100 people were killed and our hapless young adults are going to conduct a seance on this land.

Well as you can guess with the seance they unearth some spirits who seem intent on killing them all. This film is fun, it is just a lot of b style humor that may not be laugh out loud but it is smirk worthy. This film is extreme adult horror in its sleaziest and goriest best. What this film does well at is that it gives you the viewer so many reasons to keep watching. It fills each scene with either humor, sexual theme or horror that you know it is not trying to take itself serious. I think this film while not entirely original still felt fresh. When the gore starts, it does not stop just like Cross Bearer, there are no brakes in Adam’s films. Just like Cross Bearer, is that the characters while they appear one way on the surface when the shit hits the fans you really see what their true intentions are. That is the one thing I have noticed from Adam is that he loves developing characters one way, and letting them go into a total different direction as the film goes on. I think that if you guys are not familiar with Adam and his films you really are truly missing out. The man is a sick demented man with issues, a ton of them and they come across on that screen and make me so glad that I am a horror fan.


If you sick of major studio horror and been looking for an alternative, this would be a great choice. I am supposed to end this review in my sales suit and tie and brag more and more to sell this to you, I will make this sell easy, this film delivers and does it a lot.

8.5 out of 10