Movie Review-Storage 24


Review-Storage 24 is about a military plane that crashes and it has some kind of alien creature as cargo that escapes and goes into a storage facility in London. This film opens up with the above mentioned big crash in London and the people at the storage facility are not aware that because of this tragedy that the city is on lockdown and they are all locked in this facility with this creature loose. I will be honest, the scenes we do get with the alien killing were not that bad, but that was maybe 9 minutes of the whole film. We expect these low budget creature films to be heavy on dialogue and hide the negatives of a believable creature, and this film does that very much so. The dialogue in the first 40 minutes is so mind numbing annoying that you almost think these characters are so dumb that maybe the Alien should have easy pickings with these guys. The film revolves around a jilted lover who goes to the storage facility to confront his ex-girlfriend who he cannot let go of. Now, I understand the reasons for building up characters and a story but the way they did it in this film, it felt more Judge Judy then it did horror.

So we go thru all this dialogue and just dumb situations that do not involve being trapped in this facility or the fact that you hear noises and cannot find most of the people you are with. There is really no sense of urgency with these people, if someone sees the creature in the first half of the film, it is like they just stick around to chill and think that the creature is bluffing. No offense but most people who see some alien creature usually can run pretty fast and warn people, not these people they are more intent on just standing around and staring at it, like it will not hurt them. The movie tries to be Aliens in one scene, when the Alien has a female and tries to cheaply reenact the classic scene with the face to face confrontation. The last part of the movie, we find out about a betrayal of two best friends, because it seems like during an alien attack that is the time you find out about your best friend doing you wrong. And, instead of being scared of the alien they fight each other and seem to think the alien will not hear them screaming and fighting. Again, who does this stuff?

I also found out since human beings cannot stop this alien, a toy puppy can distract it when they need to escape. There is a scene when a battery operated dog gets the alien’s attention long enough for someone who was in its grasp and break free and run away safe. This film is just utterly ridiculous; this is like a cheap London version of The Relic that was filmed in a storage building. There is not one second of this film that has not been done before in any other Alien film, well let me rephrase this. There is not one scene that involves the alien that has not been done before in this film. When you finally do get to see the creature, you already know what to expect. If they had faith in this creature they would not have bored us so much with this absurd dialogue. This is one of those films that you just know when you are watching it how bad it will get and some people are fans of films like this and the badness they achieve. I think even if you are a fan, you should really think twice about what is inside this storage unit.

2 out of 10