Movie Review-Skyfall


Review-Skyfall is what I view as an event film, the one film that you make it a point to see on the big screen. No matter what size television and sound system you have, a film like this loses something at home. That being said, I remember on opening night me and wife going to see it in a packed theater and having a blast with it, that you just get the epic feel of what James Bond conveys that you know if you see this film on anything less would not capture this film’s appeal. I avoided for weeks on watching this blu ray because I just know it will not have the impact it had on me at the movie theater, and I was right.

A film like say Sinister I feel is better on a television screen, it captures that atmosphere needed to get the most out of the film. That being said, Skyfall to me is one of the better Bond films. I will not be like the rest and oversell this film, because that would get your expectations way too high, and while this film is a good film and an above average Bond film it still does not compete with some of the Roger Moore and Sean Connery films. To know this franchise is now 50 years old is really remarkable. This franchise has seen its ups and downs so much over the years, and I think after Quantum of Solace fans were ready to just completely write off this franchise. Skyfall reinvents Bond, and comes across as almost a celebration of the history with this film. Going into this film at the theater before the first review hit was hard, because I was unsure of what to expect from Bond number 23, but when I left the theater I was blown away. For people who did not go to the theater to see this film, I will say this is a must see and I figure to see it on blu ray would be your best bet.

This film just hits the ground running, and gives you new flashes into a franchise that seems this time around to be changing around everything you thought you knew about Bond and giving the whole franchise a face lift. The opening sequence is what you expect from a Bond film almost, you have this huge chase thru Istanbul of Bond chasing this guy who has a hard drive that they need to get. It is Bond and his co-agent Eve on M’s orders to get the hard drive but things change when Bond and the guy start fighting on a train and the guy is using Bond as a human shield, and M is telling Eve to take the shot anyway, and it seems Eve misses the target and hits Bond. Bond falls off the train into this ocean and he appears to be dead. So given that this happens in the first twenty minutes we know Bond did not die, but curious as to what went down and how it will play out. While past Bond films, Bond seems to take center stage and all else is backdrop as to what Bond needs. This film though, it is M played by Judi Dench as the older aging M who seems to take center stage a lot in this film, and Bond at times seems like her backdrop. This time the villain is Javier Bardem who is this Silva who presents the best Bond foe since Jaws in the Roger Moore days. This time out, it seems to be a game of chess with the villain and hero trying to predict the next move and try and react to it.

This is a new dawn for Bond, and a film that I feel while it does lack and suffer on the small screen, is still a must watch film. I am not sure if there is watchability to this, because after I saw it at the theater, I was not really ready to visit it again 4 months later. All in all, this may be in the top ten best Bond films, and to give Bond fans a lot of hope for future installments and let’s see where we are at when this hits 60.

8.5 out of 10