Movie Review-Shadow People


When it comes to horror films like Shadow People I am guessing what started off as the original idea, was not the finished product. This film plays out almost like some mystery or one can even say a detective story and is basically about a series of deaths that happened in 2008 in some place in Kentucky. The film revolves around a disc jockey named Charlie Crowe who gets a phone call from someone claiming to see what they deem as shadow people. The listener dies in the hospital, and if that was not strange enough for the disc jockey soon others start to become dead as well. This leads the disc jockey into exploring all this to see if he can figure it out. Shadow People does mean well, but if you are a diehard fan of this genre like I am, this film is just a poor rip off so many better horror films. I mean look at the description so far, it felt like I was talking about Pontypool. The film is one of those “ based on true events” films that you roll your eyes at, because you know that they had to beef it up a little bit to sell certain scenes or characters a little more, that maybe “partly based on true events” may have been a better explanation.

This film attempts to give us real events and does them in a way that really lacks any tension and fear, and felt more like a lot of bad ideas that should have stayed on paper and not even tried. This is one of those films that you sit there and wonder, “Did the people behind this film, watch the finished product, and if so, were they happy with it or just releasing it because they basically have to now that the film is shot and they had a deadline and no more budget to change things?” Another thing that really made this film so utterly bad was that they have real documentary footage in the film to support the characters by the real life people. To me it just showed a lack of belief in the script and acting, that they had to find something to really try to make the material stand up, I still am left not believing in this story really going down the way the film says it did. When we do get to the shadow people they are used more for cheap scares then well thought out horror. The pacing of this film is such a downer for fans of horror, it just is so horrible that they really are thinking that this horrible acting and no personality cast can take their local dinner house theater routine and try to make a film and get an audience’s attention and keeping it. This film is a hard sell to horror fans; you look at the cover and are expecting something that this film does not deliver. This film is the equivalent of a group of people that say to themselves, “horror fans will buy into anything”. That is how I felt when I watched this film, that the director had no respect for our genre and thought this was a good cash in idea.

2 out of 10