Movie Review-Sexcula


Release Date: April 9, 2013

Review-Impulse Pictures are making quite the reputation of bringing back these old school adult films, giving them a proper release and amazing treatment. Let me start this review with a huge negative, this is a bare bones dvd. Well, beside the porn element. That is a bummer, I know this film is almost 40 years old, but I would have loved some special features or some kind of commentary. Now the picture and treatment were first class, this film still felt seriously dated, and during the first half hour of the film it felt that the sex scenes were sort of darkened a little bit, I am not sure if it was for the last half of the film to be more sexually satisfying for the impatient viewer or that they were trying so hard to build the story and characters more. This film is a lost Canadian treasure that came out in the mid 1970’s, I know Canadians were known from the early to mid-60’s for their openly sexual themed films, while some were more implied than shown, this one is implied and shown in fair amounts. So, if you are going into this for the old school feel of 70’s porn, you will not be letdown. This is a take on the Dracula craze wrapped in as much sleaze you can fit in one film. It was around this time in the 70’s that shows like The Night Stalker were bringing Dracula to great heights again, and this film seems to take elements from that and Universal’s classic and adds sex.

This film is about a woman who arrives at an old mansion that no one with common sense would ever venture into. This mansion is owned by her ancestors, and while there her and her boyfriend find a diary that talks about the history of the place they are in. They have this picnic on the mansion grounds and read the story about how Dr. Fallatingstein created a male monster named Frank. There is an issue with Frank and he cannot get it up and does not care about pleasing the Dr. Fallatingstein decides to change things up and calls her cousin Sexcula to try and help her with Frank and getting him in a sexual mood. This film compared to what passes as porn today comes across as safe. The hardcore stuff happens later in the film and it is just standard sex and head, nothing you have not seen in a million other films. What interested me about this film is that it was funny for the most part. This film is just utter cheese and sleaze, how can you really go wrong with that? This film for its time had to be considered cutting edge, and I bet Canada had to really think they set the bar high for the future of the industry.

7 out of 10