Movie Review-Roller Town


Review-Roller Town is the first film from a group that call themselves Picnicface. Picnicface are a comedy unit out of Halifax who got their start in 2007, with a YouTube Halloween rap video and since then have become a cult legend on the channel. For people who are fans of Astron-6 for their humor and what they accomplish on such a small budget, wait till you see Roller Town. This film actually started off a small sketch; it was a trailer for a film that was never filmed. What makes Roller Town so different from most other comedies that try to relive the 60’s is this one is actually pretty funny for the most part. The main character of the film is Leo whose whole life is roller skating, he was born with skates on his feet he tells us at one point that he never learned to walk. Well, the film opens with some heavies who kill Leo’s dad that he witnesses, and then the film fast forwards to the threat of video games getting rid of disco and roller skating and Leo is out to save it. This film for the first 45 minutes is really funny and keeps up such a good pace. The script is wit, mixed with absurd things that no one would say and pair that with some of the oddest situations, this film really got off to such a great start. The issues I had with the film were the next half hour, it just seemed to lose its focus and the funny was starting to wear a little thin. It is like they packed everything into the first part of the film and the remaining half hour they assume that you are satisfied enough to stick with it.

I loved the two heavies, you had one who is the classic gangster and the other one who is so damn stupid that they worked off each other perfectly and of course Leo who is the poor white trash clueless rebel who falls for Julia who is the rich girl daughter of the mayor who is the main one out to stop roller skating. The romantic touches got to be boring a tad bit, it is funny the first time that he accidentally hits her in the throat, but how many times do we need that same joke? Same with how when he makes out with her, he tries to get to look like she is Asian with him making her eyes look slanted and telling her, her breasts are too big. During the film they have this three guy trio, I guess in the vein of the Bee Gee’s who sing these songs that are so funny and absurd, that I really thought the film worked well when it thought outside the box with those kinds of ideas. They had a song about wearing pants that is worth the price of the rental to see how absurd it is, and then they have a song about sex that is even more in that same vein of absurdity. I would more than likely watch this again; it was pretty funny for the most part. This film is a party film, it is a good time that you and the loved one watch and just enjoy and laugh. The last 30 minutes were sort of a waste, but the first 45 were really strong enough that I think with repeated viewings I could warm up to the last part more. Though the demonstration the heavies give of what happens when people mess with the heavies is the funniest scene in 2013. I could not stop laughing long after I shut this film off.

8 out of 10