Movie Review-Nikkatsu Double Shot-Fairy in a Cage and Female Teacher: In Front of the Students


Review-All you fans of the Nikkatsu Roman Porno line breathe a sigh of relief, those fine folks at Synapse Films with Impulse Pictures are about to release two more titles. With one being their very first into the realm of blu ray and that being the first film we are reviewing Fairy in a Cage. Director Koyu Ohara has been a lot of the films that I have reviewed from Nikkatsu, and so far his results with me have been hit and miss. I liked the True Story of a Woman in Jail, and its follow up somewhat, but was not a fan of I like it from behind! And really not a fan of this one either. This film tries to capture a period of unrest with our country and that being World War II. While not overly political, which would have been an improvement this film touches on the surface of this time in our history. The film mainly focuses on Namiji who is charged with aiding an actor in spreading anti-war and government propaganda in Japan. When they are captured they are brought to this house of a judge who has some military police to help him do what he wants.

The acts that are done in this film is what you would expect from Nikkatsu, and while some people will think at times it gets a little overboard, I just feel it does not really go overboard enough, it just seems that all these films seem to have the same mentality and same acts basically. If you are not familiar with what Nikkatsu has to offer, this film is a prime example. It is sexual depravity at its finest. They rape, they do cavity searches, they try to make gay men straight, and so much more. The film of course has to have that character who helps out our duo and this film does as one of the Military Police decide to help get them out of this. As far as the transfer of the film is, I mean look who put it out you know they are always on the cutting edge of technology and putting a lot of money, thought and time of giving you the best product they can. As far as the actual film this is shock soft core porn, that I feel has an audience but for me if you want to go this direction it is just not hardcore enough for me.

After Extreme Associates, Max Hardcore, the German Le Fist, The Amsterdam blue tapes, and so much more that my porn friends told me about, because I do not watch this stuff personally, how can you really shock anyone anymore with adult film making? The characters were ok, the script was decent for this kind of film I just expected well to be honest, with Nikkatsu I think I got what I expected.

5 out of 10


Review-Can I just say right off the bat, Rushia Santo in this film is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and so stunning. For just her presence in this film it is a recommend. I could sit there and watch an empty screen of static with her walking across periodically and be impressed. Her character is Reiko, she is the teacher and she takes this job at a new school where the kids are not so good, and that seems to be a clash with her and her professionalism. Well, with Nikkatsu you know that all lambs and innocent angels are going to be violently soiled and this is no exception. After playing tennis one night she goes to take a shower and a stocking covered male attacks her and shock she is raped. Well, he left behind a clue as to who he could be. Well, she starts to remember the act and in that she feels emotions she has never experienced before and wants to find out what she never felt that way before.

This film tries to play out to be a Murder She Wrote with her interviewing people and trying to solve this crime that was done to her. The story wise was well told and this had some very good suspense to it, but this film is so heavy into rape that it almost gets to the point that you just roll your eyes and assume another scene will be coming. But, I just really loved the main character and she really draws you into this story and makes you feel for her, and hope she gets to the bottom of it. All in all this is a recommend, and for me to recommend a Nikkatsu films speaks volumes for how good the film is. This would be a great one to start watching this collection with.

8 out of 10