Movie Review-Motorway


Review-Motorway was an unusual surprise for me. Cheung is an upstart cop who is out to prove himself; he is out to bust any bad guys who are caught speeding on the motorways of Hong Kong. But, in an interesting twist his veteran partner Lo suspects that this is all some kind of front so he can drive fast legally. The film centers around a legendary getaway driver named Sun who returns to Hong Kong to go get an old buddy and now the two cops are out to try and stop him. We learn thru the dialogue that Lo and Sun have a history, and that Lo is dead set on trying to stop him. While looking at the cover you would think this is going to be the Hong Kong version of Fast and Furious it does have those elements in some of the chase scenes, but it felt more like in a way Drive. This film is all about driving, and very high octane chase scenes that will get your adrenaline pumping. This film is not high on character development, or storytelling it is all about the action. This film is also heavy on clichés as well, from the character Sun that feels like every character we seen in the Fast and Furious films or Drive, while doing nothing to establish himself or give us some kind of back story that is more than a few paragraphs long. I would love to have known more about the Sun character, it would have made the scenes with Lo being so obsessed with catching him tenser and really exciting.

Another cliché is Lo, who is the police officer who is counting his days till he can retire. Lo is really the only character in this film I feel was truly developed. We almost knew too much about him. We get this detective who is leading the task force to get Sun, but beside that character this was really just focused around the three central characters and the pursuit. The film is in subtitles and the majority is shot at night which I felt added to the fun of the film. The backdrop of the city was beautiful and this film captured it pretty impressively. The dialogue at times was fun, at others was predictable but for the most part the film was so much better than it had any right to be. This is a film for those who love car chase films that are heavy on the fuel injected action and light on the storytelling. The film has a finale that really is impressive but I do not want to spoil it for any of you reading this. I will say though, for the way this film ends alone it would be worth the rental, but if you are sitting at your house pissed that the new Fast and Furious is not out yet, you may find this as a fun little substitute to get your appetite whet for the film.

7.5 out of 10